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Happy Halloween Dolls!

Happy Halloween my loves!

This week has been filled with so many Halloween makeup appointments and of course the most requested look is the skeleton! I wanted to share with you all my favorite one from this week that I created on the gorgeous Jessica for a spooky shoot! I created a more glam shimmering skeleton face to switch it up from the usual matte black and white! If you are this for Halloween and need to know the best products to use, see what I used below! Hope you all have a fun & safe night wherever you are!


Glam skeleton face…
What you need: Black liner, White crayon or white face powder, Gray eyeshadow, Silver eyeshadow, black eyeshadow, White shimmer eyeshadow, Red lipstick, Blending brush.

Step one: Fill in the face and neck with a white crayon- I used “Milk” from NYX and a sponge to blend it into the skin.

Step 2: Draw out the lines of the face- I used LA Girl eye prime in “Black” – this is just like a black eyeliner but thicker.
- Draw the jaw
-Draw the nose all the way in with black and sharp points at the top of the bridge
-Draw lines like teeth over the mouth
- Fill in the entire eye with black {this will be blended}
- Draw angry brow lines above the eyes
-Draw a defined jaw line
-Draw black horizontal lines on each side of the neck like a vertibre

Step 3: Shading. With a small blending brush, blend in all the lines with a black eyeshadow to soften and diffuse the look.

Step 4: Gray shading. Blend on the sides of the lines with a gray shadow to create a more “real” effect of the skeleton.

Step 5: Blend in the eyes. Blend a black glitter eyeshadow in the entire eye sockets to give it a more pretty look.

Step 6: Glam it. To add a more glamorous look to the skull I add A LOT of highlighter to the entire look.
- MAC Whisper of Gilt to the cheekbones
-Lorac Pro 2 “Silver” All over the face and center of eyelid for shimmer
Lorac Pro 2 “Snow” to the inner corners of eyes, nose, and to fake the teeth
Step 7: Lastly, add your favorite hint of lipstick to the inner center of the lips. I used Lorac in “Jetsetter” – a nice plum red!

IMG_8827 IMG_8834


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How to: Big Eye Makeup…

Hello loves!
Makeup can either make your eyes look extremely small or extra large depending on how you apply it. For this pageant beauty big eyes were a must for her head shots! Hope you all have your Halloween outfits ready for tomorrow, I have one more spooky look to share with you all soon! Until then, here is this beautiful pageant look…


IMG_8505 IMG_8506 IMG_8511

Eye primer: MAC Painterly Shadows: AOM Cosmetics-
Inner: “Starlight”
Base: “Bare Canvas”
Crease 1: “Cocoa” – A deep chocolate brown- blend on outer eyelid and up into crease
Crease 2: “Brazen” A maroon brown – blend into creas
Blending crease: “Hush” a soft muted brown great for blending colors
Top crease: MAC “Paradisco” – peach shine, this looks beautiful when all colors are blended to blend above Hush.
Liner top: Nyx black liner pen- line lash line and apply false lashes
Liner bottom: LA Girl white eye primer pencil {used for inner waterline}
Lashes: Luz Lash “Showstopper” – pop on lashes and coat with mascara

Lipstick: Dose “Coy” – true pastel peach lipstick
Lipgloss: Dose “Undressed” – apply to tone down the orange/peach and create a nude peach color.

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Halloween Makeup: Cleopatra Resurrected

We are just days away from Hallows Eve and I thought I should share with you a quick sexy look that you can create in 30 minutes! Cleopatra, once the Pharaoh goddess of Egypt, has been resurrected from her tomb but not completely mortal… She has come back half mummified in search of her love, Marc Antony! This sexy look combines sexy and scary all in one. If you are sick of the same costumes every year, try my twist on this historical beauty!



Lips: Deep red and plum lipsIMG_8724
Liner: LA Girl Endless in “Dark Plum”
line your lips with a dark maroon liner.
Lipstick/gloss: Dose of Colors “Burning Love” fill in the lips with a royal red lipstick or gloss.
Gloss: LA Girl Glazed in “Tempt” Fill in the center of the lips with a darker shade of red to create an ombre look.

blog44Face: For this look I created an overly glowing face with no blush and heavy contour to define the cheekbones…

Foundation: Dior Star in #23 – apply with a dry beauty blender for a more full coverage look.
Concealer: Maybelline Age Rewind- Apply under the eyes and to the chin to brighten and conceal.
Powder: Tarte Provocateur Mineral powder – Set your face with this light powder. 417NSPEH2wL._SY355_
Highlight: elf “Moonlight Pearls” – this super affordable highlighter is gorgeous for the cheekbones, it is a bright white shimmer.
Contour: Kat Von D Everlasting bronzer in Shady Business to contour.
Brows: Anastasia brow wiz in brunette
Eyes: Egyptian Cleopatra – this glitter smokey cat wing is perfect for creating the sultry look Cleopatra always had. If you desire to do it on both eyes go for it, for the mummified Cleo one eye is just fine, and cover the other in bandages {aka white stockings ;)}

Shadow base: Start by applying a white shadow or primer to the entire eyelid for a base for the shadow/glitters. Mac Painterly !02-hipster
Shadow Crease: Apply a soft brown to the crease of your eye: MakeupGeek in “Hipster” | this is your transitional blending color.
Shadow Crease #2: Apply a dark color to the crease over the brown to darken up the eye{s} | I used MAC “Velvet Black Tied”.
Eyeliner: AOM Cosmetics extreme art liner- draw a thick black liner as if you are drawing a cat-wing but extend it out on both ends further than you usually would. In the Eyptian times they like to extend the inner corner almost like an actual cat eye, this will elongate and give a sexy feel to the look! Apply this same black liner to the bottom lash line under the waterline to define the eye more. 01LA-GP365
Blue liner: LA Girl glide gel liner in “Aquatic” - apply this sky blue to the inner waterline and under the outer corner wing.
Gold liner: NYX Mechanical pencil in “Gold”- Apply a gold liner on the bottom lash line in the inner half of the eye to brighten underneath.
Glitter: Girlactik sparkles in “Champagne” – Apply the glitter with the Girlactik base. Pack this rose gold glitter on just the eyelid for that sassy Egyptian glow, avoid the crease area. Keeps eyes closed for 10 seconds before opening so that the glitter dries.
Lashes: Huda Beauty in “Giselle” and individual “Alyssa” lashes stacked for length- apply these with tweezers towards the end of the giselle lashes for ultimate length. Huda Beauty lash glue used.

What to wear with this: A white dress that you dont care about much and can smudge some black or gray shadow on to make it look only/ dirty/ dead. I used old white stockings and cut them in strips for the mummy bandages… blog2

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Perfecting Face…

This last Saturday I was able to get a few gorgeous ladies ready for their Miss Utah pageant headshots, including the gorgeous Cassie. This greek beauty not only had the most gorgeous features but the most easy eyes and face to apply makeup to! When it comes to headshots for pageants most photographers use bright lighting, so contouring and highlighting is a must. I went for a more bronzed look to the skin with a touch of mauve blush and bright peach lips. Today I am sharing with you the products I used to create her flawless face. I will share all other details to this look in my part 2 post! If you are interested in booking me for pageant makeup lessons or head-shot makeup, please email me at


Photo taken by Jade Marie with Canon Rebel with flash/ No altering was made to original work to show true products

Perfecting Face…
When it comes to flawless face makeup, the key is to start out with a clean and exfoliated base. I suggest using anything with small beads that will exfoliate dead skin and prep your face for your primer. I always get asked how I create a smooth flawless skin base while also doing a medium to full coverage look and it is all about the tools you are using and how. Blending is the most important technique when it comes to the face application, slow movements will allow the product to manipulate on the skin and move where it needs to…

#1 Primer: DermaQuest Perfecting Primer – This oil absorbing primer was made to minimize the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. It also creates a smooth flawless base for your foundation to glide and lay on. It is suggested for all skin types and is perfect for acne-prone clients as well. Apply to the skin with your fingers, blender, or a brush. IMG_3891

#2 Foundation: NEW* Dior Star Studio Makeup in 031 Sand- this is a brand new foundation that I am using on clients, it is a full coverage fluid and perfect for photography/shoots that are using artificial lighting. The Dior Star foundation is perfect for those who are in the spotlight and want to have that perfect flawless looking skin all the time. I have been a fan of Dior foundations for a while, but this one definitely blows the others out of the water with its brightening effects and long lasting durability. Applied to the skin with Beauty Blender \Cle-de-Peau-Correcteur-Visage-Concealer

Blemish coverage: The next step is for covering blemishes. My holy grail acne cover concealer is the Clea De Peau “Beige” OR depending on your skin tone. I apply this over the blemishes and lightly blend in with the flat concealer brush from same brand. These two products paired together cover anything seamlessly and no one will ever know anything was there in the first place! Yes they are expensive but worth every penny!

#3 Setting: LA Girl HD Pro Powder - Apply this with a puff or sponge to all the places that have been retouched with concealer/ wet foundation. It is important to do this immediately after to prevent creasing or build up. This powder is a Silica mineral powder so it is very finely milled and lightweight when applied.

#4 Concealer: Eve Pearl Salmon Conceal was used under the eyes to balance out any darkness and brighten up. You can apply this with your ring finger lightly under the eyes up to the temples. I then like to apply a brighter concealer over top, Tarte in “Light” is great to give that Kim Kardashian bright-eye look! Set this with the same powder.

#5 Blush: Laura Geller “Roseberry” – this mauve/pink shimmer blush is perfect to add a rosy hint to the cheeks and still stay looking natural. Apply with a medium powder brush in circular motion to the apples and up towards cheekbones. I focused on staying on the apples of the cheeks with her blush here. xMedium_Tan.jpg.pagespeed.ic.hIrDI_SCms xTANTODEEP.jpg.pagespeed.ic.b6iuB-urXJ

#6 Contour: Anastasia Beverly Hills contour powders in “Golden Peach” & “Nutmeg” were blended and used to create her perfected contour on her nose, forehead and cheekbones. If you have yet to try ABH contour powders, you are missing out. If you are new to contour and highlight, check out her site HERE

#7 Highlight: Hourglass Ambient “Mood Light” – this super soft pink highlight gives your skin the most natural yet glowing effect. For those who are a fan of the J-glow but don’t want to go overboard, Hourglass Ambient highlighters are perfect for you. Apply to all high points of the face that you want to stand out.

#8 Setting Spray: Last step is to set the face with a setting spray to hold your face makeup in place all day! Skindinavia No More Shine Spray will be your best friend when you need perfect makeup for photos, the last thing you need is a greasy looking face for the camera! Spray the face three times and fan with your hand, instant matte skin!

I hope you all enjoyed this quick makeup tutorial on how to get that perfect looking face makeup, I will be sharing part 2 soon…

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Dose of Colors: Lipstick Swatches…

Happy Friday dolls!

Today I am sharing with you my second part to the Dose of Colors lip products that I promised you all. Below I have swatched six of the beautiful colors that were sent to me! These all have to be my favorite shades of lipsticks. I have a deep love for anything nude, peach or pink. I have applied these to my brides while here in CA and love how they look for wedding/bridal makeup. If you are on the hunt for a great color for your wedding day, check out my swatch for “Soft Touch” HERE! To see more about these creamy long wear lipsticks, read on below… XOX

IMG_8429IMG_8421(Color swatches from left to right)

Get the ultimate pretty pouty lip with these beautiful creamy smooth lipsticks from Dose of Colors

  • Poise- a true brownish nude. This is the most perfect nude on the lips, it is your classic neutral toned lipstick and is beautiful mixed with any other colors.
  • Coy- a pastel orangey peach. This is a very vibrant peach tone, looks great with gold smokey eyes or a more natural eye.
  • Angelic- a beigne toned peach/nude. This is like a cross between Coy and Poise mixed.
  • Soft Touch- a baby doll powder pink. This is probably my top favorite color of them all. I have found it to be a perfect wedding day lipstick for brides. It also is the best true baby pink I have found yet!
  • Play Date- this is a pastel pink. Great color for Summertime and paired with a bronzy blush.
  • Seductive. Magenta hot pink. If you want to stand out above the rest, this is the color for you. Hot pink kisses!


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you would like to purchase YOURS today … just check out or click HERE!!

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The Perfect Dose…

I am finally back in the States and couldn’t be happier to be in San Diego for work! I was fortunate enough to travel to many amazing places over the last month, but missed my work and clients so much! Today I am sharing with you part 1 of my review for the amazing Dose Of Colors! I came home to the most generous care package filled with these beauties from Anna, and couldn’t wait to play around with them instantly! These lipsticks, glosses and stains are top of the line quality and a must for everyone! My eyes instantly were attracted to the matte lipstick, “Kiss of Fire”, a bright blue toned red! These matte colors glide on smooth and dry to a matte finish with ultra long staying power! Check them out HERE! Dose of Colors also carries more neutral tones, peaches, pinks, and even purples! See how I created this simple yet chic look below…



Foundation: Camo Girl “Earth Yellow” applied to skin with damp Beauty Blender.
Concealer: LA Girl ”Creamy Beige” applied under eyes and blended in with Beauty Blender sponge.
Face Powder: Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Powder in : Champagne {under eyes} & Golden Peach {contour}
Highlight: AOM Candelit applied to nose, lips, and cheekbones!
Brushes: Makeup & Hair Addiction brushes

Lashes: Mink Wink lash in “Mademoiselle” {Natural, Soft, Wispy, Light, Fan out}Mademoiselle2-800x800Gloss eyes: This is a very Avant-Garde style of makeup. Instead of wearing the normal dry powder eyeshadows, gloss or wet shadow is worn on the eyes. Paired with some nice lashes or mascara for a very high end look.
Brows: ABH Perfect brow pencil in Soft Brown.

Gloss: MAC Creme Brilliance - apply with a small flat brush to the eyelid below the crease { important tip: Do this after mascara or lashes are applied so that they stick, stay above lash line with gloss}

Dose Of Colors “Kiss of Fire”  - a blue toned red matte lip paint with long lasting stay! More color reviews to come!

IMG_7954 IMG_7950I cannot wait to try all these beautiful colors and share more with you about this amazing makeup line! Anna, the founder of DOC has created some of the most high quality lipsticks I have ever used. When applied to the lips you can tell that the ingredients are top of the notch and the colors speak for themselves, vibrant and artistic. I will create some wonderful swatches for all of you soon… XOX



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Fall Inspired: Plum Shadows

I love getting makeup inspiration from the different seasons and since it is Fall, this plum eyeshadow look is perfect to wear! I mostly use the color plum on green or blue eyes- it really makes the color stand out and glow! If you are afraid of wearing a plum eyeshadow, you can gradually start wearing the hue by trying a plum eyeliner on the eyes to add that hint of the color slowly! Enjoy!

I wanted to share with you all my top favorite plum eyeshadow / eyeliner to create a look like this above! This hazy hue has the perfect amount of punch to add drama. Pair this eye with a berry blush or tan flushed cheeks and it’s a match made in heaven! Avoid any pink blush though, for these colors clash!



#1 MAC  ”Plum Dressing” – a shimmer dark purple that looks beautiful as a crease color!

#2 Sugarpill “Seasoned Plum” pressed eyeshadow – this is a very vibrant plum and suggested for the more daring beauty mavens! Worn beautifully on bottom lash line!

#3 Urban Decay “Rockstar” – this is a very deep plum and suggested for a more smokey eye look.

#4 elf “Burnt Plum” this $3 shadow is a must for everyone ! This baked blush has a hint of berry shimmer and is a lighter tone of plum!

#5 Clinique “Starry Plum” Eyeliner – this smooth khol liner is great for the bottom and top waterline!


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Simplistic: 5 minute eyes…

Happy weekend !! 

since I have been traveling I have spent a lot less time dolling up my eyes. I am  focusing more on creating a flawless face and less on the eyes. I also have been wearing 0 eyeliner lately. 5 minute makeup has never been easier! If you are looking for an easy, on-the-go, fast alternative to pretty eyes, I suggest investing in a good pair of lashes. They make all the difference and you don’t need a bunch of eyeshadow to wear them right. Check out how I have been getting ready while away…


What I used on eyes:

Anastasia Beverly Hill Pro Pencil-  Apply this cream coloured pencil all over eyelid and blend in with finger to create a nude eye. {This pencil does not crease and acts as a great base or primer for eyeshadow OR just apply and wear for a nude/clean looking eye. 

Huda Beauty Lashes in Samantha {available at} – apply right above/ almost on top of lash line! Try and get super close to lashes so that they do not look like a strip on your eye. I would suggest using the huda beauty glue or DUO lash glue- these do not remove your lashes and are gentle!

Urban Decay Perversion mascara- coat the lashes with this AMAZING mascara/ blend your real lashes with the false/ & your eyes are complete!



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My favorite pinks…

I love a good pink lip. It is the best shade for brides, for a date, and for really everyday.  a soft pink lip can look good on any skin tone and any hair color. I have a large collection of pink lipsticks, glosses and pencils. I am excited to share my top 5 with you all. These are a must that I cannot live without! MUAH!


#1 MAC “Creme Cup” the perfect Bride lip color

#2  Tom Ford “Pink Dusk” a semi sheer soft pink for on the go shine…

#3 NARS “Angelika” gloss – no glitter true pink shine gloss!

#4 Revlon lip butter “Gumdrop” smooth lip balm with a pink shimmer tint

#5 YSL “Lingerie Pink” a luxurious lip hue for ultimate light pink glow

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Highlighter 101

I have always been a huge fan of that perfect highlight. It is by far my favorite detail to finish off each look. Just a hint of glow can add life to any look. My highlight collection is always growing with new radiant, gleaming, and shimmering products that I cant wait to share with you all! If you’re hoping to give your skin a radiance boost and emphasize certain features, than this is one gem you need to pick up! See some of my faves below and lots more tips…

Wearing here: NARS “Albatross” {cult favorite}

IMG_6316Where to apply…

  1. Eyes: This is my favorite area to highlight! Applying a tiny dab of highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes will open up the eye area and can help you look more awake.
  2. Cheeks and temples: Use a fan brush to apply highlighter along the tops of your cheekbones, up toward the temple and then along the brow bone. Check out my favorite fan brush HERE
  3. Nose and forehead: Apply a strip of highlighter in the center of the nose, from between the eyes to the tip of the nose to elongate and slim the natural size of the nose.
  4. Mouth: Using highlighter on the cupid’s bow makes the pout look a lot bigger than it really is!

Extra! Extra! Highlighting tips…

  • Not all highlighters fit all. To pick out the right shade for your skin tone, you must know your undertones. I suggest more golden/bronze tones for darker skin. For lighter skin I suggest more yellow/pearl tones.
  • If you don’t have a highlighter, improvise! A pearl or gold shimmer shadow will do!
  • There are many types of highlighters: Illuminizers- which are usually gel or liquid | Loose highlight: shimmer loose powder that usually is more natural than pressed. | Pressed Highlight: usually the most highlighted/glowing of all. |
  • Highlight Product draws light to certain areas of the face, creating a contoured effect (bringing out light and shadows on your face). Highlighter is also great for changing the appearance of certain features, for example, making the nose appear straighter or the lips appear bigger.

Sparkling Favorites:


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