Arabic Inspired Eyeliner: Eyeko

I’ve always been a fan of the dramatic eye. This look was inspired by the gorgeous Arabic style makeup. Lots of liner and double cat wings are all the craze. You definitely have to be daring to create this look on yourself or one of your clients! It takes a steady hand and artistic touch, but not too difficult for anyone! Eyeko makes amazing eyeliners and shadow crayons, so for this look we used all of their eye products! Check them out below…



How to: Arabic Eyes…

What you need:
-Black Eyeliner {liquid & pencil}
-Gray shadow crayon
-Black Eyeshadow
-False Eyelashes


Step one: Apply a gray crayon eyeshadow to the entire eyelid with your index finger. I used the “Eyeko Me & My Eyeshadow Shadow Liner”. This has one end as the eyeshadow pencil and the other as a blending tapered brush. Blend all the way up to crease. This versatile shadow crayon can be used for eyeliner or as an entire shadow for the lid. Let it dry before applying top eyeliner.
The color I used: “Charcoal” 
Step two: Apply your top liner. I prefer a liquid liner for the top eyelid, it is much easier to control and create a “sharp look”. I used Eyeko Liquid Black Liner , Start from the outer corner and create the wing you would enjoy, I extended the wing out towards the end of the brow. Work your way inwards and create another sharp wing on the inner tear duct. This will look like a double sided wing on both sides.
Step three: Apply your bottom waterline liner. I like thick kohl pencils for the waterline, I feel like they last a long time on the eyes. Connect each corner of the eye with the black liner so that it looks like you have lined the entire eye. You can use the Eyeko Shadow in black for waterline.

Step four: Apply your false lashes to the top lash line and coat the top and bottom with a black mascara, I used Eyeko Eye Do Mascara. This mascara is great for bottom lashes, it really makes them look fluffy and pieced out perfectly.
Step five: To define the eyes more, with a small tapered brush apply black shadow to the top and bottom lash line to smoke out the liner for a more dramatic look.


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