Snow White: fair skin makeup

Just because you don’t have an all-year-long tan complexion, doesn’t mean you should give up flaunting your skin! Fair skin has always been so gorgeous to me, so when I met Emily,
 I was completely envious of her Snow White resemblance. It can be hard to know the exact colors that work with your skin tone, especially if you are in the white-fair category.  Learning the best make up your fair porcelain complexion will give you a stunning fresh and luminous look, making you look the picture of sophisticated beauty. Even in the middle of winter! Learn my top pale skin tone product picks below! 

Tips for fair skin…
Complexion: Regardless of your coloring and undertones, it’s always best to match the shade to your skin. If you need less coverage, go with a sheer tinted moisturizer to let your skin shine through; if you need to amp up the coverage, try a liquid or cream foundation, using a colorless or pale powder to set.
Lips: For the most natural look, try soft apricots or sandy or rosy pinks. For night, a pinky red color gives a dramatic flair. Avoid browns, which can look dull on fair skin.
Eyes: Create a subtle enhancement with soft pink, champagne, navy, gray, or cool brown hues. Use black or black-brown mascara to ground the look and play up your eyes.
Cheeks: Soft peach, pale pink, and apricot are all great blush options for porcelain skin. 
Skin: Airbrush Temptu {Fair}
Concealer: NW15 {under eyes and center of nose}

Powder: MAC NW15 
Highlight: Soft and Gentle MAC {center of nose and cheekbones}
Blush: MAC Style
Below are some of my top picks for face products for fair skin tones! I know how difficult it can be to find the perfect color for skin tones lighter than NC15/NW15, so I have compiled my favorites for you all!
 foundations for fair skin:
Concealers for fair skin:
Base: Primer UD

lid and tear duct shadow: MAC Nylon

Upper lid: Bobbi Brown Gold {shimmer brick}
Crease: Bobbi Brown Pink {shimmer brick}
Outer Crease and bottom lash line: Bobbi Brown Bronze {shimmer brick}
Gel eyeliner: Bobbi Brown black
Waterline: NYX white eyeliner
Lashes: lash extensions 

Wear bright lipstick-
Jane Iredale: Rapture
Having fair skin does not mean you can’t wear bright lip colors like red and fuchsia. These lip colors can really brighten up your complexion. Just make sure to choose a lipstick with blue undertones so that it matches your cool skin tone. Apply a clear lip gloss on top to give your lips extra shine.
Brooke Bakken Photography

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! If you have any questions about makeup for fair skin tones, please ask below!