Feeling Like Fall: Orange Eyes…

 Fall is in full spin here in Utah and its just another reason for me to pull out my Autumn toned shadows! I am usually not a fan of orange or red tones on the eyes but I thought I would give them a try and I surprisingly loved how they turned out! I love to change my makeup style depending on what I wear, where I am going and what season it is. Fall usually calls for dark lips, smokey plum, burgundy, and copper eyes. Today I am showing you this brassy orange smokey eye and peach-tan lips! For any color requests, please email me at Jadembaird@gmail.com 🙂


 Orange eyes… You may be hesitant at first to use this color but I promise once you blend it with browns and golds it looks amazing!
  1. Apply a primer to the eyes for a smooth base: Tarte Clean Slate Creasless
  2. Apply a bright orange shadow all over the lid and into the crease: NARS Duo in “Isolde” – apply the copper orange all over lid. Apply the shimmer gold in center of the eye on top of the orange.
  3. Smoke out the outer and inner brow bone corner of the eye with a brown: Brown Script from MAC in inner corner | Embark from MAC blended on outer crease and lid.
  4. Black liquid liner is to be used on the upper lash line. Draw it thicker in the middle of the eye to make the eyes appear “larger” and wing it out at the end.
  5. Apply black liner to the inner waterline and blend it out with the Embark shadow and then the shimmer gold from NARS over that.
  6. Lashes: Esqido in “Lashmopolitan” – love these! These flare out a lot at the end and are very long, use whatever lashes you desire!

image-11image-12WA-LAH! Glam copper orange smokey eyes for Fall! Hope you all enjoyed this breakdown tutorial of this eyeshadow look! Hashtag #Jadeywadey180 to share your recreations! XOX

Lady In Red: Fergie Centerstage Collection

With Fall already here and the crisp, cool temperatures approaching, it seems everyone’s beauty regimen could use a little change. Summer’s nude look has given way to the need for an extra pop of deeper color now that the tans have faded. I’m excited to share with you a few new favorite drugstore products to add to your collection, as well as teach you how to get this sexy look! My favorite style for the Fall season has to be bold eyebrows, glowing skin, and seductive dark lips. 
It’s time to pull out the faux fur, bundle up and paint our faces with jewel toned hues! 

You all know that I love my Wet N Wild products and usually stop by to admire them whenever I am at the drugstore. Last time I was there, I walked by and saw the super pretty packaging for the new Fergie Centerstage collection. She has some beautiful lipsticks, highlighters, liners and polishes that I was excited to get my hands on. The two products that really caught my eye were, the Rose Champagne glow and the Saranghina long-lasting lipstick. Who new beauty could cost so little!

Primer: Sephora Perfecting   Apply a dime size amount all over face.

Foundation: Frankie Rose in Vintage applied with Bdellium Foundation brush

Concealer: Graftobian HD Creme Concealer ‘ultra light’ applied with a beauty blender under eyes and down the center of nose to highlight.
Contour: MAC Sculpt powder I applied this sculpting powder down the sides of the nose with a regular eyeshadow brush for my nose contour. I used a blush brush from Bobbi Brown to apply this to my cheekbones, forehead and jaw line. 
Blush: Inglot 25 This is a rosy pink blush with a bit of rose undertones. 
This highlighter is an exact, and I really mean EXACT, duplication of Soft and Gentle from MAC. I wear Soft and Gentle usually every other day as my highlight because it is my favorite, so when I tried out this beautiful shimmer, to my surprise it was identical but around $8 instead of $30. 
Apply this to the cheekbones, down the nose, under brows and tear ducts!! 
It is the perfect pink highlighter.
Burgundy lips are always a bold statement for Fall, so if you are looking for the perfect deep hue, Saranghina is it. These creamy lipsticks are really fabulous, they stay on a long time and don’t smudge easily. If you don’t want as deep of a red lip color or if you don’t like lipstick,
 apply the shade and remove with a tissue. You will get the perfect red stained lips instead!
I love matte eyeshadows, and I think that everyone should own some. What are matte eyeshadows? The difference between matte and shimmer: shimmer has a glitter or shine consistency to them when applied, matte has no shimmer at all and has a more silky soft consistency when applied. I like matte colors a lot as well because they blend beautifully. This Stila palette is perfect for those looking for a neutral collection of matte shadows. You get ten beautiful shades that you can wear many different ways. Learn how I got this Fall look below… 
 {used 1 brush for entire look^}
1. Apply #1, “Wind”, to the entire lid and up to the brow bone. I like to apply a tan matte shadow to the entire lid for a great base to the skin. This will also help with blending your other colors by giving you a matte skin toned base.
2. Apply #2, “Clay”, to the crease and up onto the brow bone. This look is meant to be a little more edgy and blended outwards onto the bone. 
3. Apply #3, “Fire”, to the lid and up blended onto the brow bone. This orange toned shadow is beautiful for the Fall season, it adds a really warm coloring to the eyes. 
4. Apply #4, “Earth”, To the crease and under the bottom lash line with your blending brush. 
5.  This palette includes a beautiful creamy gray liner called “Halfmoon”. Apply this to the top and wing outwards. Also apply it to the under the bottom lash line and trace to the inner corner of the eye. 
6. Apply mascara or false lashes and your eyes are complete. 
I am using the blonde brow duo from NYX because the color is a little lighter than the Brunette and I think it is the perfect shade for either blondes or light colored brunettes. 

I hope you all enjoyed this look for less!

What lip colors are you wearing this season?