Keeping Clear: Skin Care While Traveling

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Since I will be traveling a lot over the next couple weeks, I am very cautious with my skin and how I care for it. Being in airports and big cities can always make my complexion a little irritated, so I make sure to exfoliate every night and never go to bed with an inch of makeup on. I like to switch up my skincare regimen every couple months. This month I am using very little product and I have been wearing less makeup so that my pores stay clear. See below my travel skincare routine and how I stay glowing from city to city! XOXimage

Image Skincare: Total Resurfacing Masque ~ I cannot live without this all-in-one masque/exfoliator in my life! It has really kept my pores clean and gets rid of all impurities. I like to exfoliate with this every night to take my makeup off. Some mornings I will apply it as a masque and leave it on for 20min. It is a stronger scrub and tingled quite a bit on the skin.

Natura Bisse: Diamond White Matte Sunscreen ~ I have been pretty oily on this trip due to all the climate changes, so I have been skipping the moisturizer and going straight to my favourite sunscreen at the moment, Natura Bisse. This line was formed out of Barcelona, and I had the chance while I was there last week of meeting with one of the owners and had a tour of one of their amazing spa’s. I received some of their new products to try and will be doing s review soon. But this sunscreen is a must, it is not oily, adds wonderful moisture to the skin and smells divine! This is serious luxury when it comes to SPF!

Motives Perfecting Primer ~ to add a little bit more of a “matte” look to my skin after all the exfoliating and hydrating, I like to add a small amount of this lovely Motives primer. It fills in any lines/pores and leaves my skin fresh and ready for my makeup application!


Gold makes everything better…

Good Morning Sweeties! 

Today I have a tutorial from a look that I did for an event in LA. I love super glamorous dark eyeshadow when I am going out on the town, I feel like it really makes the eyes look smoldering and sexy! Eyeliner can change a look from day to night like that. I also love adding a pop of gold shimmer to the eyes to dress them up and make my brown eyes stand out! I recently went and picked up a few products from the new MAC Alluring Aquatics collection and I fell in love instantley! My favorites are the lipglass’s and lipsticks! I will do a bigger review on these soon, be sure to check out he new Osbourne collection at MAC before it sells out also! XOX

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Products Used:

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Welcome to the new KC!

Hello Darlings!
Thank you so much for your patience the past two weeks while my site was under construction! I hope you all enjoy the new design and that it is much easier for you to navigate around! I was lucky enough to work with some amazing people in order to create it! I will be posting much more often now and delivering a lot more product reviews! If you have any requests on what you would like to learn or see on the new Kissable Complexions, please comment below!  Today I am going to list how I got this extra GLOWING skin! I feel like dewy, glowy, shimmering skin is on everyones wanted list right now, below I have listed my favorite way to achieve this look!

Photos taken by: / Wardrobe by: / Location: My Dear Lizzie / Hair & MU: KC


CAUTION: This look may cause serious blindness to all those around you! Glow on…

1. Start with a clean, fresh face! I like to do a light masque in the morning so that my skin feels refreshed and super smooth for my makeup application! I use Skin Ceuticals B5 Masque 20 min before application. Do not apply a moisturizer to the skin, this will only make your glow skin look like oily skin.

2. Apply a smoothing primer! My favorite primer at the moment is Salma Hayek Nuance Smooth Start . I give this product a 7 out of 10. It really hides the pores on the nose and gives a perfecting look to the skin before foundation application. Apply a pea size amount to the entire T-zone.

3. Now it is time to start the makeup! My first trick to creating a “Dewy” look to the skin is mixing a dime size amount of foundation with a dime size amount of liquid highlighter. I like to use the NYX “Gleam” Illuminator. This illuminator has a champagne colored shimmer to it, perfect for every skin tone. You can find it at Ulta or online. {7-10$}

  • The foundation I used for this look is a new favorite: Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super-Charged in “42” ($48) – This foundation is great for this look because it has a very creamy consistency. I would suggest it for those that do not suffer from sensitive-skin for it is fragranced pretty strongly. It gives a full coverage look to the skin and looks very smooth when applied. Mix your illuminator and foundation together on the back of your hand and apply. I used my beauty blender and pressed it into my skin, and down my neck until I got a medium-full coverage look.
  • The concealer is next, I used a new product to my collection: Hourglass Hidden Corrective in “Natural” {$40}. The great thing about this product is that it comes in a stick form, so it is really easy to apply it straight under the eyes, down the center of nose, on the chin. Use the Beauty Blender to blend it in.
  • The Powder I used for this look was an illuminating powder to enhance that glow even more: Cover FX “medium” – lightly dust this all onto the skin by pressing your brush lightly so that you are not buffing it into the skin.
  • Blush is an important step to creating the perfect glow as well, I like to use a shimmer blush: Frankie Rose “Venetian Rose” – This is a shimmer pink/berry blush, apply directly to apples of cheeks and sweep upwards.
  • Contour with a matte bronzer so that your entire face is not sparkling- I like to use : Anastasia Contour kit in “Havana” to hollow out my cheekbones, forehead, and define my nose and jawline. I like to use the Japonesque contour brush, It is perfcectly shaped for this part. 
  • Extra highlight: Lastly with a DRY Beauty Blender I like to press some extra liquid illuminator onto the cheeks- I am in a love affair with Whitening Lightening’s BB Plus Illuminator – this takes highlighting to a whole other level. Dip the end into a small amount and press with the butt of the blender into the highest part of your cheekbones very lightly. ** You can apply liquid after powder if you do it with a light hand.
  • Spray your face with Evian spray or a finishing spray to add that extra amount of moisture and your look is complete!!

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Whats your favorite way to shine?

Happy Monday

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Fresh and Flawless Makeup

When it comes to event makeup many people get the impression that its always high fashion and glamorous with false lashes and more. As this can be true to some extent, the ‘nearly there’ look has not gone out of style just yet. More and more you will see girls with an almost ‘naked’ look to their makeup, but really its just how it is applied. The truth, it seems, is not so much that “less is more” as that “more is less.” The objective is to let your skin show through and to look like a more flattering version of yourself. That is exactly what I did when miss Emily walked into my room. She was already so naturally beautiful I felt as if i didn’t need to do anything to her look, so with minor fixes I gave her a effortlessly flawless look for the photo shoot. This style of makeup is beautiful for any type of occasion, especially for the most natural brides to be!
 Hope you enjoy…
Kissable Complexions
Airbrush makeup and hair artistry
Floral crown design

The key to this look is a lot of glow in all the right places!
PS. No eyeliner was used!

Click to see larger^
Buy all products here:
Get this natural look: Foundation
The foundation for this look was created with Airbrush, but I will list how to do it as if I didn’t have an airbrush machine so you all can achieve it! 
Let me introduce to you all the ERA Face Spray-on foundation! This product has been one of my favorites for years, it is one that I go to when I am not using airbrush machines. ERA is made for everyone, it is an oil-free foundation that doesn’t dry your skin or break you out. This foundation was originally created for burnt victims who had sensitive skin. With this said, this foundation is infused with Vitamin C and E, Botanicals, Aloe Vera and Chamomile. The product is lightweight, but the coverage is amazing. You may either spray the foundation on or use it with a brush. It is long lasting, wear & water-resistant and it looks like skin!  ERA shades are determined by your skin undertone and the normal shade you are: light, medium, tan. 
They are true to color and match skin very easily!
Try this product today: buy HERE
These loose beachy curls are always requested when I do hairstyling. It is such a timeless and sexy style that looks good on anyone, long or short hair! Follow these steps below to get it!
Buy products here:
Beautiful photography: Stephanie Sunderland
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all are having a lovely Labor Day!

Dew It: Luminous Makeup

As a makeup artist I always get asked if I spend hours in front of the mirror getting ready every day. Well the answer is no, there are days when I am really detailed and others when I am just in a rush and have to resort to doing a quick look on my eyes and face. It was my husbands birthday a few weeks ago and he loves dark smokey eyes. Well my morning was booked with brides. so I had little time that evening to get all dolled up for him. Thats when I resorted to this look! Super easy and still super sexy. Learn all about how I got this dewy complexions and quick smokey eye below!

~Get The Look~ Dew
My favorite look on the skin is definitly luminous, glowing, shimmering, dewy skin. These products in this look are my favorite for glowing skin this month. Here is how I get my quick dewy flawless face makeup that lasts all day and night long!

Conceal: Milani HD advanced concealer {Under the eyes and down the nose}
* New Favorite Product*
Lipstick: Bite Beauty-Bouquet lipstick pencil
Get The Look: Sexy Stila Eyes
This Stila ‘Cool’ palette trio is filled with the perfect hues for a sexy makeup look. The shadows are very pigmented and blend very well. It is definitely a makeup must have!
  1. Apply the lightest shade{1} to the inner tear ducts and under the brow bone for highlighting.
  2. Apply the middle gray shade [2}to the middle of the eyes and smoked on the bottom lash line with a tapered shadow brush.
  3. Line the eyes with a black liner, I used Loreals Smoldering eyeliner in black and extended it out to a wing at the ends for a very dramatic look.
  4. Apply the darkest brown shade {3} to the outer corners of the eyes to really darken up this shadow.
  5. Apply your mascara or choice of false lashes and your look is complete! Lashes: Ardel 101
  6. Quick, sexy and takes less than ten minutes to do!
Drop Earrings: Franchescas $16 Buy Here
I used : Big Sexy Hair Texture Powder to lift my roots and give it body.
Lightly waved the ends with : Conair Infinitie Wand
Mystic Tan: Dark/ Beaches Salon

Shine On

One of the most requested looks that I get from clients daily for their makeup is a “glowing complexion”. A dewy face paired with natural eyes is a perfect look for any bride, the reason being, a highlighted face looks as if it has perfect lighting on it no matter what angle. Makeup trend setters, JLo and Kim Kardashian are known for their sun kissed faces, but how do they get that youthful shine every day. Light colors draw areas forward, while dark colors push them back, employing these techniques together let you manipulate light and shadow on your face to create a slimming illusion. Below you will learn simple tips to my routine to achieve that desired every day glow!
How do I get this glowing skin without making my face super sparkly?
Its all about where you apply it. You dont want to just put you highlighter all over your face, there are certain areas where it goes to make those features pop and stand out. If applied all over face it will look to shiny and almost appear like you are sweating. {See below where to apply}
Stay away from highlighting pimples, puffy skin, dark circles or anywhere you have fine lines. doing this will draw attention to those areas because highlight catches light and accentuates the areas where applied. So stick to the main areas.
Highlighting for all Shades
Light Skin Tones: Lighter skin tones (particularly porcelain & fair skin) are best flattered with pink, cream, off white shades but anything with a golden base will just result in an orange looking finish.

Medium Skin Tones: Medium skin tones are best suited with shades which are a little in between such as soft 
golden colours and rose gold colours but you’ll want to avoid anything dark or light or you’ll risk looking too pink or too orange.

Dark Skin Tones: Darker skin tones are best suited with golds and bronze shades but anything to pink or too light will look very unflattering on the skin.

Very Dark Skin Tones: Skin tones which are very dark (almost/does look black) is better off sticking to warmer and darker shades such as burgundy’s, dark chocolates, coppers and any dark bronzey shades.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 
Spray your Dior Flash (4) onto your stippling brush (1).
Lightly buff the Dior air foundation into the skin with your brush until completely blended evenly.
I know the Dior flash is used as a spray on foundation, which you can do as well, but for this look I like to buff it in the skin a little bit so it has a thinner application and can be more controlled.
Apply your NARS highlighter with the same stippling brush buffed along the cheek bones, on the forehead, and sides of nose. My favorite colors from NARS are Copacabana and Laguna. Blend these two colors together to get the ultimate bronzed glow.
These Illuminators can be worn over, under or mixed with foundation.
Apply your loose setting powder (2) lightly dusted all over the face.
 Use this sparingly to achieve that dewy look. I only apply it on my chin, jawline and forehead and leave the cheeks & nose powder free.
With a small shadow brush dust MAC’s Nylon (7) down the bridge of the nose and on the cupids-bow. This is my favorite product for highlighting. Yes is it an eyeshadow but I love the color and it gives a pearlescent shine to the skin.
Use the same eyeshadow (7) to highlight the brow bone and the inner tear ducts.
Apply MAC’s Cork (8) to the corners of the eyes very lightly because you want this color to barely show.
Glue on your natural lashes (6) and set them with Clear mascara.
Apply your lashes very close to your natural lash line. Since no eyeliner is used in this look, the closer you get to your lashes the more natural they will look. 
*Why use clear mascara instead of black? 
This gives a very natural look with the lashes instead of making them really dramatic, as well as blending them with the natural lash without adding an extra coat of color. 
Complete your look with Dior’s “Pink Sponge” lipstick
This long-lasting, and nourishing lip sheen is a perfect hue for any event, day or night. I wore this pinky-peach color on my wedding day and absolutely loved it. 
Dress: Zara / Earrings: Nadri
What do you use for a highlighter? 
From one product junkie to another, tell me your faves!