Bellami Hair Extensions Review



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I promised a Bellami hair review a couple months ago and I finally am getting around to it! Needless to say, I love them! I only wear these extensions for photo shoots because I naturally have long hair, and I am one of those girls who loves to wear a pony tail on the weekly! BUT, if I were to wear extensions every day, I would highly suggest these. I wear the Bellisma “Dirty Blonde” 22inches. The color blends perfectly with my golden tones, and I like how it even adds a little more of a “blombre” look to my locks. Below I have written my favorite things about these extensions and why you should purchase your pair today…

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1. Keeps Curls
I feel like these extensions hold the curl really well. I usually just have to curl them once and they hold atleast for the next 5 times I use them! I don’t suggest to use a hot iron on them daily just to ensure that they last a lot longer.

2. Strong Clips
These rubber grip clips really hold to the hair. I didn’t have to tease the root or even add any hairspray for them to stay in place. The longest I have worn the extensions is around 5 hours, so I am not sure how well they would do for a full day, BUT I didn’t have any issues with discomfort and think they feel very secure.

3. Super Thick Wefts
These extensions are perfect for those seeking more volume to there hair. Each weft is filled with thick hair and a lot of it. I only use around 2 wefts in my hair to add thickness. Sometimes I will wear to on each sides of my hair {parted in middle} to really add that extra thickness at the root.They can feel a bit heavy if you are not used to wearing them, but this isn’t visible.

4. Must Brush Often
The only thing I noticed is that they need to be taken care of very often. To keep them looking quality I brush them with my Wet Brush after each use and before. I have not yet washed them, so once I do I will let you know how they turn out!

Hope you enjoyed this quick review and to get a discount be sure to use my code above! XOXO

Hair Love: Macadamia Natural Oil


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When it comes to caring for my hair I love natural products. I have tried so many different hair treatments, and I feel that the natural ones are just as good as salon treatments at times. Recently I was sent this Macadamia Natural Oil Conditioner. I have had it sitting in my bathroom for the past couple months and last week I finally got around to testing it out. This conditioner is unreal to say the least! It is very different from any product I have used. It is a mousse that turns into a creamy conditioner and makes your hair feel like absolute SILK! I wish I would have tried it earlier but I am so excited to share it with you now! I have been using it now for almost two weeks and will do an updated post on how my hair feels and looks Friday! Keep reading for more details on this amazing Macadamia oil!IMG_4629 

Macadamia Natural Oil “Flawless” Conditioner

This foam mousse to liquid butter product is an instant hair treatment at home that will transform dry, brittle ends to silky smooth locks…

How much product is needed: I do two full pumps to run through my entire hair, from scalp to ends.

How long do I leave on hair? I apply to my hair when I am washing my body & shaving so it stays on for about 10 minutes. If you want to do a deep treatment I would wash your hair with shampoo, get out of shower, apply the product and wrap up in a shower cap and leave in for about 30 minutes!

Does it make your hair flat? Unlike most treatment conditioners, this one does not leave your hair feeling flat and heavy. It made my hair very bouncy and smooth with a good amount of volume still.

How do you like to apply? I recently have been using it both in the shower as conditioner and out of the shower for a treatment on my ends! I have noticed that it has really helped my split ends and put a lot of moisture back into my hair before I curl it!




Hair Review: Mermaid Hair No* 1 & Remington Hot Rollers

I love trying out new products on my hair, especially products made for Mermaids. I recently was introduced to the beautiful perfume and hair line called Mermaid Hair No. 7. I have used a lot of products that make my hair feel silky smooth, and these definitely do. The scent is romantic with hints of Orange Blossom and Coconut, leaving your hair smelling fresh and sweet. I also recently purchased some hot rollers! My friend was raving about her Remington Hot Rollers and I had never really tried them because my hair is so long and usually needs more heat for my curls to hold. Well I discovered I have been living under a rock all this time because I am in love with hot rollers now!
I am excited to share with you these two hair product reviews and how much I adore them both! Enjoy

Made with all natural ingredients, these shampoo and conditioners are organically created with orange blossom flowers and coconut oil. The best part is that they are formulated without any sulfates. Sulfates are commonly used to create a heavy suds but they dry out and damage your hair. Don’t worry about these not sudsing though because they definitely do without the harsh ingredients. YAY. They are also not tested on animals, which allows me to feel safe and happy about using them. 
    So the question was, does this conditioner and shampoo really create mermaid-like hair? Well…yes! my hair felt so incredibly smooth after using both of these combined and I am not just gloating! When I do not like a product, I will tell you! Mermaid hair also gave my locks a beautiful shine, those fish tails have been keeping this product a secret for way too long ;). These 8fl oz. bottles retail for $35 a piece or can be purchase together for $60 HERE. Not only is the name adorable, but I guarantee that you will be happy with how your tresses feel after using Mermaid Hair No* 7

** For an extra deep condition: Apply a good amount to the hair and let it sit in a bun on top of your head in the shower for around ten minutes. I like to exfoliate my face while waiting or whiten my teeth. Rinse and go throughout your usual routine, this will give your hair an even silkier feeling. 
Now how to get mermaid waves…

I was a bit skeptical when my best friend told me about her new obsession with hot rollers. I obviously had heard about them millions of times and seen them used a bunch in the 70’s,
 but my question was-
 would they work for me? Well I proved myself wrong, again, and fell in love with how they made my curls feel and look. details below…
Why I loved them: 
The reason why I doubted hot rollers was due to the length and thickness of my hair. I have naturally long, curly hair but I do not like the look of my natural curls, so I like to blow dry them and curl them unnaturally with a curler or wand. This is super damaging to the hair when done daily so I started using a wand, well this takes at least thirty minutes to an hour to do, so it can be a bit of a hassle. The first reason I fell in love with Remington Hot Rollers was because I was able to pop them in-in a quick five minutes and start on my makeup routine. This saved me a lot of time to start working on other morning beauty things. I also loved how little damage these heat rollers did to the hair. Remington’s rollers are made with pure ceramic, so no burning or over heating will occur. I can feel safe about not over exhausting my ends and know that I am doing very little ware to my hair. 
Price: $25-35+, depending on where you buy them. There are more options to choose from at Target for a less price, I chose these because it included the clips, they had a velvet base for less damage and I love Remington hair products!
20 curlers included in two sizes: medium and large
How to apply: The first step is to make sure your hair is completely dry, this will ensure that the rollers will curl your hair quickly and safely. I parted my hair in three sections– bottom, middle and top. For loose waves use thicker pieces of hair per roller, I used about an inch and a half and used 14 of the rollers. I used all ten of the medium rollers for the bottom and middle strands and used four of the large rollers for the top strands. Roll the rollers vertically so that the curls uncurl smoothly downwards. Clamp all of the rollers along the way with the included clips. Spray your hair with your desired soft hair spray and let sit. Wait 20 minutes to an hour depending on how tight you want the curls and then remove. The longer you wait the tighter the curl. Easy as pie!
Why I suggest them: 
No more burnt fingers, burnt hair or burnt foreheads. Luckily, the clips provided in this set are easy to use, it’s like a jaw clip–and amazingly enough, the rollers, while super-hot, don’t burn my fingers as easily as I’d feared they would. The velvety covering and overall design definitely leavs your hair smoother and your fingers protected better than other hot roller brands I’ve seen in the store, and I think this would be a perfect set for a hot roller newbie. 
Do the curls last?
Yes, to my surprise, they really did. I used soft hair spray to set the waves but these rollers really lived up to my friends referral. I was delighted with how easy these rollers are to use and how shiny they left my hair. I highly recommend them to you if you have yet to try rollers! Let me know how your experience goes!
**These are the waves that I achieved after using my Remington Pearl Rollers and my Mermaid No* 1 shampoo and conditioner– a great combo! Soft, loose and romantic! The shorter your hair the tighter your curls with these rollers. I left mine in for 20 minutes exactly, for a tighter curl you may want to leave in a bit longer!  Make sure your hair is completely blow dried before applying rollers!
I hope you all enjoyed this hair review, please feel free to comment below with any questions about these products and I will write back as soon as I can. 
What are your favorite hair care products at the moment? 

Fresh and Flawless Makeup

When it comes to event makeup many people get the impression that its always high fashion and glamorous with false lashes and more. As this can be true to some extent, the ‘nearly there’ look has not gone out of style just yet. More and more you will see girls with an almost ‘naked’ look to their makeup, but really its just how it is applied. The truth, it seems, is not so much that “less is more” as that “more is less.” The objective is to let your skin show through and to look like a more flattering version of yourself. That is exactly what I did when miss Emily walked into my room. She was already so naturally beautiful I felt as if i didn’t need to do anything to her look, so with minor fixes I gave her a effortlessly flawless look for the photo shoot. This style of makeup is beautiful for any type of occasion, especially for the most natural brides to be!
 Hope you enjoy…
Kissable Complexions
Airbrush makeup and hair artistry
Floral crown design

The key to this look is a lot of glow in all the right places!
PS. No eyeliner was used!

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Get this natural look: Foundation
The foundation for this look was created with Airbrush, but I will list how to do it as if I didn’t have an airbrush machine so you all can achieve it! 
Let me introduce to you all the ERA Face Spray-on foundation! This product has been one of my favorites for years, it is one that I go to when I am not using airbrush machines. ERA is made for everyone, it is an oil-free foundation that doesn’t dry your skin or break you out. This foundation was originally created for burnt victims who had sensitive skin. With this said, this foundation is infused with Vitamin C and E, Botanicals, Aloe Vera and Chamomile. The product is lightweight, but the coverage is amazing. You may either spray the foundation on or use it with a brush. It is long lasting, wear & water-resistant and it looks like skin!  ERA shades are determined by your skin undertone and the normal shade you are: light, medium, tan. 
They are true to color and match skin very easily!
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These loose beachy curls are always requested when I do hairstyling. It is such a timeless and sexy style that looks good on anyone, long or short hair! Follow these steps below to get it!
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Beautiful photography: Stephanie Sunderland
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