Highlighter 101

I have always been a huge fan of that perfect highlight. It is by far my favorite detail to finish off each look. Just a hint of glow can add life to any look. My highlight collection is always growing with new radiant, gleaming, and shimmering products that I cant wait to share with you all! If you’re hoping to give your skin a radiance boost and emphasize certain features, than this is one gem you need to pick up! See some of my faves below and lots more tips…

Wearing here: NARS “Albatross” {cult favorite}

IMG_6316Where to apply…

  1. Eyes: This is my favorite area to highlight! Applying a tiny dab of highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes will open up the eye area and can help you look more awake.
  2. Cheeks and temples: Use a fan brush to apply highlighter along the tops of your cheekbones, up toward the temple and then along the brow bone. Check out my favorite fan brush HERE
  3. Nose and forehead: Apply a strip of highlighter in the center of the nose, from between the eyes to the tip of the nose to elongate and slim the natural size of the nose.
  4. Mouth: Using highlighter on the cupid’s bow makes the pout look a lot bigger than it really is!

Extra! Extra! Highlighting tips…

  • Not all highlighters fit all. To pick out the right shade for your skin tone, you must know your undertones. I suggest more golden/bronze tones for darker skin. For lighter skin I suggest more yellow/pearl tones.
  • If you don’t have a highlighter, improvise! A pearl or gold shimmer shadow will do!
  • There are many types of highlighters: Illuminizers– which are usually gel or liquid | Loose highlight: shimmer loose powder that usually is more natural than pressed. | Pressed Highlight: usually the most highlighted/glowing of all. |
  • Highlight Product draws light to certain areas of the face, creating a contoured effect (bringing out light and shadows on your face). Highlighter is also great for changing the appearance of certain features, for example, making the nose appear straighter or the lips appear bigger.

Sparkling Favorites:


Bronzed Copper Smokey Eye

Hello Darlings!
Happy happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to share with you one of the easiest looks that I LOVE to do. For those of you who love a smokey eye but dont like wearing any black or gray shadow on your eyes, a bronzed smokey eye is the look for you! This look includes only two eyeshadows, one shimmer brown, and a shimmer copper, both from MAC. Pop these colors on with a blending brush and some fun lashes and you have a perfect look for night & day! See the products I used below!


IMG_0154 IMG_0290

Products used:

  • Face: Guirlain Foundation #4 – Medium coverage with beauty blender
  • Conceal: Frankie Rose “Chai” Conceaer – Great for dark circles {Peach/tone}
  • Powder: Translucent Powder Tarte
  • Bronze/Contour: Chocolate Soleil Too Faced {nose/cheekbones contour}
  • Brows: ABH Brow Wiz “Brunette” Pencil
  • Eyes: MAC  “Mulch” All over eye lid and blended into the crease with a fluffy blending brush. “Antiqued” pressed into the middle of the eye for a shimmer bronze center and under bottom lash line!  {Easiest eyeshadow EVER!!}
  • Lashes: House of lashes in “Iconic” – This pair of lashes are incredible- they are thick and have all different length so they are super eye-opening! I love them so much!
  • Liner: Girlactik Pen liner– after lashes are applied, apply one sharp stroke to the base of the lashes to hide the band.
  • White liner: ABH Pro Pencil- I just recieved these in the mail so my obsession might be a little late- but this is the most amazing pencil on the planet, everyone needs one. I use it for my inner water line to make my eyes pop, I use it to brighten the inner corners of my eyes, to shape underneath my brows, to define my cupids-bow. Its amazing! It is a thick nude crayon pencil perfect for highlighting the face!
  • Lips: WhiteningLightning Lipgloss in the color : “Jewel” {Candy apple deep red}


Cream Contour Tutorial

Contouring is one of the best kept secrets thats out of the box! It is my favorite trick to use when doing makeup for events.  I love to enhance features of the face by contouring, but it can be hard finding the best products to use. Today I have compiled a list of my favorite contouring cosmetics to help you achieve that 
perfectly chiseled bone structure. There are many different ways to contour, the look I am demonstrating today will be for a more intense contour. I will do a more subtle and natural everyday contour in my second post!
Have a fabulous Friday…


ahhhh…scary?! Don’t worry, keep reading!
Sponge: Beauty Blender “black” ** this is a must product for this look. 
Brush: IT Cosmetics concealer duo brush ** Used to draw on creams. 
{No foundation used}
Yes, I know this look can be a bit creepy, but just wait because it works miracles!
Don’t be afraid to experiment with your makeup!
Step 1: Apply your eyes and brows. 

Step 2: Get your light colored cream/concealer. Apply to the following areas: Under eyes, between brows, down nose, under cheekbone, on chin and upper lip. 

Step 3: Apply your dark colored cream.concealer. Apply to the following areas: Entire jaw line, hollows of cheeks, sides of nose, entire hair line and temples. 

Step 4: With a damp beauty blender or sponge, stipple or press the sponge onto the skin in a quick but light motion. Be sure to blend the light color first and work your way outwards towards the dark. Always blend into hairline and clean up after. 

Set with a translucent and apply blush!

Translucent: Ben Nye Banana 
Blush: Dainty MAC

{Seamlessly blending cream contour and highlighted face! 
Just apply a little setting powder and blush, bam!}
 **Be sure to damp sponge for the best application! 
Your sponge will grow twice its size and be a lot fluffier!
Below are my top picks for cream contours! 

{Great for all skin types except sensitive. 
Comes in shades for every color!}
{Great for paler skin tones/ fair skin}
{Great for darker skin tones}
{Universal palette with great pigmented creams for all types}

I hope you all enjoyed this quick tutorial on how I cream contour/highlight! I always do different looks each day but tend to wear this style of makeup once or twice a week! I am coming back to CA for a 4 weeks this weekend and can’t wait to work on some amazing makeup clients, teach lessons and do some skin care! Hope you all have had a great week and have an even better weekend! Lots of love!