Blue Eyed Beauty

 This past weekend in California, this beauty got married and I glammed her up with some smoked out blacks, browns and creams to accentuate her ocean blue eyes. I am so envious when I see girls with naturally dark hair and light colored eyes, it is the most stunning combination of features to me. I will just have to stick to colored contacts though because I was not blessed with baby blues or greens. If you are getting married and doing your own makeup look, this is a really easy and sexy look to achieve. Most girls want the most minimal amount of makeup on their special day, but there are some who want a little more glam {which is my style for sure}, so if that is what you are going for, keep reading! 
Get the eyes…
Blue eyes stand out especially when you use a light shade in the inner corner and a dark shade towards the outer corners. There are many colors that make blue eyes pop, brown, gold, gray, black, plums, the list goes on. This look is great on blue eyes, but can be worn on all colors as well!
The great thing about these eyes is that you really only need three colors: 
a soft brown, shimmer tan, and a dark blackish/brown
Any brand of shadow will really do but I used all Inglot shadows for this look. Inglot is a line based out of Las Vegas, their shadows are highly pigmented and very affordable. A new favorite for sure. 
Step 1: Apply a shimmer tan shadow all over the eyelid with a shadow brush. Apply it also to the inner tear ducts of the eyes and under the brow bone for a highlight. 
Step 2: With any blending brush, apply a soft brown shadow directly into the crease in a windshield wiper motion. This will be used as your transition or blending color for the dark brown shadow. 
Step 3. Apply a cat winged gel eyeliner to the eyes that gradually goes from thin to thicker at the outer ends. I like to use a gel liner because I can control it better than liquid liners. 
Step 4: Apply a dark brown/black over the outer winged liner and up towards the crease with a tapered blending brush. What we are trying to do is smoke out the wing so that it looks blended, this look is meant to be smokey and not defined. Bring the dark brown into the crease and blend with the soft brown, do this with a blending brush to add softness to the crease.
Step 5: How do you get such sharp angles on the outer corner? To get this super cut look, you will need a lip brush and some concealer. Apply a small amount of concealer to your flat lip brush and paint a straight line starting underneath the cat winged liner and up towards the end of your eyebrow. This will clean up under the shadow and make it look “perfected”. 
Step 6: Pop on some false lashes or mascara and your eyes are complete. No bottom liner is used in this look, you can apply a little of the tan shimmer shadow to brighten under the eyes.
Products I used…
Shimmer tan shade: Inglot #395 
Soft brown shade: Inglot #342
Dark brown/black shade: Inglot #500
{This shade is darker in person}
False Eyelashes: House Of Lashes: Tigress
Concealer {shadow clean up}: Coastal Scents palette
Brushes I used…
Concealer: MUFE Concealer palette No.1 Apply concealer under the eyes with a damp beauty blender after you have done your eyeshadow makeup. I do my face after because I can perfectly clean up any fall of shadows. 
Foundation: Airbrush {Glamaire}– Apply your foundation to the skin wether it be airbrush or traditional foundation.
Powder: Ben Nye Camel powder~ Apply this setting powder all over the face to set the foundation. 
Bronze/Contour: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer~ Apply this to the hollows of the cheekbones with a taped contour brush, apply to the forehead as well. Apply to the sides of the nose with a small shadow brush to define the nose. Also, do not forget the neck. 
Blush: Mary Kay -Pink Petals~ Apply lightly to the apples of the cheeks. 
Highlight: The Balm~ Mary-Lou Manizer~ Apply this shimmering pearl highlight to the temples and down to the apples of the cheeks, down the nose, and cupids bow. 
Lipstick: Nars~ Dolce Vita~ This is a super natural pink lip color, great for girls who don’t want a bold lip but something very soft and sweet. I applied this with a lip brush so that the color goes on lighter, I also added a clear gloss over it for a little shine. 
Setting Spray: Skindinavia bridal spray~ Every bride needs to set her makeup so it lasts her throughout her entire wedding night. This is the spray that you need, it will seal your makeup like glue to your face so that nothing shifts around while you are dancing or kissing your groom.

I hope you all enjoyed this look of one of my California brides this weekend! 
Thanks for stopping by!