Now Available: Huda Beauty Lashes


Happy Monday dolls!

I am so happy to announce that Huda Beauty Lashes are finally available online! Anyone that knows me understands my obsession with Huda Beauty lashes. These are top of the line, beautiful, amazing false lashes! She has all different styles that look different for each look. My top favorites are Giselle, Claudia, and of course ~ Samantha! Not to mention, the HB glue is unreal! I will apply my lashes on clients at 7am and they will have them on until 12am without coming off! Huda herself has been nothing but the most kind and sweet mentor to me and I just adore her. So I am so so happy that all of you can now have a try of my favorite lashes on the planet!! Now go check them out!!

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#7 Samantha’s – Pre stacked thick beautiful lashes! I love to pair these with a thick cat-eye. They really are an eye-opening pair of lashes. I usually can get 5-10 uses out of these lashes! If I were you I would make a very large order for these! They are my FAVORITE!IMG_6097

#1 Giselle – These are a more natural version of Samantha. I like to use these on girls who are not use to wearing false lashes. They are very wispy and romantic looking on! Everyone loves Giselles! IMG_6099

#6 Claudia – These spiky detailed lashes are gorgeous for a sexy smokey eye or more intense look. I love wearing these falsies for events or a date look! IMG_6104

#3 Monique – These beautiful spider long lashes really make the eyes look large and gorgeous! I like to apply these and bottom lashes for a very open bright doe-eyed look! IMG_6105

#2 Alyssa- These beautiful individual lashes are great for stacking on top of your lashes for a more natural effect. I also  like to apply these to any false lashes to thicken them up! If you are a fan of bottom falsies you can turn them upside down and apply to the bottom for a sexy look! IMG_6108

#4 Coco Jo- these are light weight lashes with all different sized hairs! The band is super thin and easy to apply, you wont even feel them on! 🙂IMG_6106

Lash Growth Serums…

Hello babes!

I posted on IG today about my favorite lash serums to help my natural lashes grow longer, darker and thicker. I am an avid false-lash wearer, this requires me to take extra care of my natural lashes and so I was recently sent the Babe Lash and Grande Lash MD Serums and I have been loving them! I have tried many serums in the past, including: Lilash, Revitalash, Careprost, and Latisse, but I have found that these two work best for me.

See more below!

GrandeLashMD –  I like to use this lash growth in the morning the most! I feel a bit of tingling when I apply it to my top and bottom lashes but I see no side effects. I saw results in 3-4 weeks, my lashes were for sure getting longer and I was so happy! I also love to use this on my brows to help enhance and strengthen the hairs. I like to use this every morning!

Babe Lash – Use once daily, I like to use it at night! Skin should be clean and dry before application. Apply the serum to the skin right above your upper lash line. Use a single brush stroke for each eye. Avoid rubbing your eyes until the serum has dried.When you are satisfied with the results, continue to use Babe Eyelash Serum two to three times a week to maintain long lashes. I started seeing results at 5 weeks. It is safe to use while pregnant as well as with contact lenses.



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