Im Back!!!!

Hello Beauties!

I am finally back on the blog game after months of being away! So excited for 2016 and everything I have in store for all of you lovely followers! Im sorry I was away for the last 6 months, but I have been working on SO many projects, including my brush line that is now available to shop up above! I will also be starting YouTube and consistently providing beauty reviews for all of you on here! I am constantly being sent the newest up and coming skin, makeup, hair products on the market and can’t wait to share with you my favorites along the way. I will also be starting my Kissable ConTOUR this year and will be traveling to provide makeup seminars worldwide! Thank you for all of your patience and I can’t wait for you all to see whats to come this year on Kissable Complexions!


~ Jadey Wadey ~

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Hello Beauties!

So happy to be here in NYC for work the next couple days and IMATS! I hope to see some of you on Friday if you are there, please come up to me! The last two weeks have been so crazy with work, from filming YouTube tutorials for Too Faced Cosmetics, and then teaching a live class for Lilly Ghalichis website! Its been a whirlwind of fun in California. The Too Faced videos should be up middle of next week, I can’t wait to share them with you! I wanted to share with you today a little photo diary of whats been going on! So sorry about not posting as frequently recently, I promise many more tutorials coming soon, thanks so much for all your support and love!

photo 1-17 photo 1-18 photo 2-17

Lilly Ghalichi Glam~ I taught a live FULL GLAMOUR look for her site 🙂

photo 1-16photo 5photo 4-6

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Favorite Makeup Brushes

I get asked all the time in emails what are the best brushes. I have so many different brushes that I have collected over the years, so I am not opposed to using just one brand. If you are on a budget the Sigma sets are best for you. If you are a makeup artist in the making, you will love Bobbi Brown. I also get asked how my shadows always look super blended, and I owe it all to the tools that I use. If you don’t have semi-quality brushes, you will not get the same effect with your makeup. Below are some of my favorite brushes from some of my favorite cosmetic lines! 

 Feel free to ask any questions about other brushes in the comment box below 
and I will let you know my opinion! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Monday!