Hello Beauties!

So happy to be here in NYC for work the next couple days and IMATS! I hope to see some of you on Friday if you are there, please come up to me! The last two weeks have been so crazy with work, from filming YouTube tutorials for Too Faced Cosmetics, and then teaching a live class for Lilly Ghalichis website GhalichiGlam.com! Its been a whirlwind of fun in California. The Too Faced videos should be up middle of next week, I can’t wait to share them with you! I wanted to share with you today a little photo diary of whats been going on! So sorry about not posting as frequently recently, I promise many more tutorials coming soon, thanks so much for all your support and love!

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Lilly Ghalichi Glam~ I taught a live FULL GLAMOUR look for her site Ghalichiglam.com 🙂

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Makeup Organization: California Kit

Hello Loves! 
Want to downsize your bathroom clutter?
Today I am showing you a few of my favorite ways to organize my bathroom makeup! I am currently in California working and couldn’t bring everything, so these are the products that I have been using on a weekly basis out here. I like to be really organized when it comes to my products and it can get pretty cluttered without these great containers. I will do another large post about how I organize all of makeup collection and my client makeup soon, 
but for now here are my every day/weekly products & brushes! 
Please feel free to ask any questions about the products in the pictures below. 
This acrylic container is one of the best organizers I have ever owned. It is from OrigionalBeautyBox.com and I absolutely love it. This container comes with removable dividers, deep drawers, and a strong acrylic exterior. The top three rows are slim so that lipsticks, liners and mascaras can fit perfectly inside. The bottom row is deep so that powders, liquids and larger cosmetics can all fit as well.  
For my personal brushes, I like to use this glass container filled with fake diamonds that I got from Michaels craft store. My personal brushes include the following: Sigma, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Bdellium, and others. I don’t like to share brushes with clients so I will do a full post on my professional kit soon!
I like to sit my foundations and any larger products on top of the box so that it is at my quick reach.
Here are the current foundations that I have been using and trying for reviews:
Anastasia Contour Kit {review coming soon}
The top drawer is filled with some newer products that I still need to review. I put them on the top to remind me to use them! I have some Anastasia, NARS, MAC, Shadow Shields and others. 
The second drawer is filled with some of my favorite  lipsticks. I am definitely an addict and cannot get enough nude/pink/peach sticks. I love MAC’s cremesheen and satin collection
A couple other favorites include: Flower, VS, Frankie Rose, and Urban Decay. 
The next row is my eye kohls, pencils, and liquid liners that include NYX, Smashbox, MAC, Chanel, Stila, and more. My top favorite mascaras are Clinique, Frankie Rose, Starry, and Benefit. 
Lip liners and primers are on the right side. 
The last row is filled with concealers, face product, contour creams, primers, lip balms, and recent sample products. If you have any questions on these, leave below and I will answer.
Last but not least, these are my Z Palettes. The best invention for MUA’s and the every day makeup addict. If you collect a lot of eyeshadows but don’t have enough room for them, I would suggest buying these gorgeous palettes to simplify your stash. These come in so many different colors, shapes and textures. Z Palette sent me the gorgeous Crocodile ones recently, and I love the way they look! Here I have my most used neutral MAC shadows, Inglot shadows, Makeup Geek, and others. 
Learn how to DEPOT here. 
I will do a full Z review soon!
Round Metal Stickers – “Round Metal Stickers are perfect for de-potted shadows, blushes, bronzers, and powders that were not meant for magnetic palettes. Just peel & stick onto the back of the pans for strong adhesion to prevent from products moving.” Most MAC Shadows come with a magnet all ready attached. 
Thanks for stopping by and hope this gives you some ideas on how to organize your collection! Once I am back in UT and in my normal work studio I will share everything and all my other product organizers! I ordered four of these containers for my work space because they declutter everything! What do you use to organize?