Lash Growth Serums…

Hello babes!

I posted on IG today about my favorite lash serums to help my natural lashes grow longer, darker and thicker. I am an avid false-lash wearer, this requires me to take extra care of my natural lashes and so I was recently sent the Babe Lash and Grande Lash MD Serums and I have been loving them! I have tried many serums in the past, including: Lilash, Revitalash, Careprost, and Latisse, but I have found that these two work best for me.

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GrandeLashMD –  I like to use this lash growth in the morning the most! I feel a bit of tingling when I apply it to my top and bottom lashes but I see no side effects. I saw results in 3-4 weeks, my lashes were for sure getting longer and I was so happy! I also love to use this on my brows to help enhance and strengthen the hairs. I like to use this every morning!

Babe Lash – Use once daily, I like to use it at night! Skin should be clean and dry before application. Apply the serum to the skin right above your upper lash line. Use a single brush stroke for each eye. Avoid rubbing your eyes until the serum has dried.When you are satisfied with the results, continue to use Babe Eyelash Serum two to three times a week to maintain long lashes. I started seeing results at 5 weeks. It is safe to use while pregnant as well as with contact lenses.



Makeup used…

Simply Sexy Winged Liner

Today I will be showing you how to do the most simple, yet sexy makeup look ever. Sometimes I get in the routine of doing the same looks all the time, brown, smokey, gold, the list goes on. I love just wearing a neutral eye with a thick black liner, something about it is so pretty and sleek. Paired with a soft pink lip, and this look can be worn anywhere. I achieved this makeup in less than twenty minutes and some days that is all the time I have to get ready. So if you are in a rush but still want to pull yourself together, this is your look. Get it below darlings! 

Get the face: 
If you haven’t tried this foundation yet, you are missing out! This has always been one of my favorite, it gives full, flawless and smooth coverage. It goes on really evenly and stays in place for hours. I also love how it turns from liquid to a matte finish quickly. No need for a lot of powder at all. By the end of the night is still looks amazing! I applied it with my Beauty Blender sponge in this look!
Powder: Frankie Rose “Olive” powder
 I applied this beautiful full coverage mattifying powder all over the skin in tapping motions so that the Double Wear foundation lightly shined through and gave me a dewy look. 
Apply your desired amount of blush to the cheeks and lightly upward on cheekbones. 
For my contour, The Balm bronzers are my favorites. They are very rich in pigment so you do not need a lot of the product. Appy to the forehead, temples, cheekbones, sides of nose, and tip of nose!

Products used:
Apply a neutral/beige shadow before starting all over lid
MUFE gel eyeliner “black”
Makeup Geek eyeshadow “Stealth”
Frankie Rose eyeliner pencil “black”
House Of Lashes “Tigress”
This will not make your eyes appear smaller, it will actually make them appear larger because we are not lining the entire eye. We are accentuating the outer corners of the eyes and leaving the inner tear duct areas lighter. This look can be worn by all eye types. If you want to wear a smaller wing than don’t extend the end out as far.

I just got this gorgeous natural pink color the other day and I have been wearing it all week! It is pretty close to my natural lip color and adds a great pink shine to the lips! 

Hope you all enjoyed this quick look!
I have a few Halloween tutorials in the making coming your way, so stay tuned.
So excited to leave for California on Thursday for a couple weddings/events in San Diego.
Any questions about this look just comment below and I will be sure to answer them! 
Have a great Wednesday!