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I am so excited to share with you all about todays fantastic giveaway that I am doing with the wonderful, Image Skincare! I have been a fan of Image since I went to Esthetician school in years ago, they have the perfect products for all skin types! A month ago I posted about a Chemical Peel that I fell in love with from Image, they contacted me shortly after and sent me an amazing care package filled with their entire Anti-Aging line, and I fell in love all over again! I wanted to do something to spread the word about this incredible line and so I thought what better than to giveaway a few packages to my favorite people, YOU! So three lucky winners will recieve an amazing box filled with lovely goodies from Image! I personally love every one of the products we are giving away and I have personally tried all of them, and seen amazing results with all. Image is actually one of the lines that I use in my facials for clients, and they love it! I hope you all enjoy this lovely giveaway and thanks for being so amazing and supportive of my work! If you have any questions about skincare please email me and I will respond asap XOXO

{These packages retail for around $200-300+ each}

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The Organic Package: This line is perfect for any skin type {teen-mature skin}. It balances out the skin tone and has lots of natural ingredients! All will love this! 

Organic IMAGE Giveaway 2

The Anti-Aging Package: This package is amazing for those 20/30/40+ in age! You are never to young to start preventing your skin from aging. This is the package that I personally use and I am blow away at how it makes my skin feel! It includes top of the line ingrediants to deliver fast acting anti-aging!

{great for normal/oily/dry/acne/mature skin}

Anti-Aging IMAGE Giveaway

The Hydrating Package: This line is lovely for those that suffer from dehydrated, dry skin that lacks moisture! This is also an amazing line for the summertime, everyones skin can use a little extra moisture! I love that most of these products are filled with lots of Vitamin C – which also helps lighten pigmentation and keep skin pure! 

Hydrating IMAGE Giveaway

Goodluck hunnies! LOVE you all!

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Skincare: Why I do Chemical Peels!

Happy weekend hunnys!

I wanted to share with you all one of my holy grail products for keeping my skin clear! When it comes to makeup, you have to start with fresh and beautiful skin first. I have tried many amazing skincare lines and Image is definitely one of my favorites. If you struggle with keeping your skin clear, have pigmentation, or just want to prevent aging, chemical peels are for you! I know the word “Chemical” can scare a lot of you away, but don’t be afraid, they can completely change your skin! Keep reading on what type of peel would be good for you!




Do you ever wish your skin was more evenly toned, smaller pores or had 0 acne?! I think everyone does! That is why I love chemical peels! They can completely transform anyones skin in a matter of months! I have been using peels since I was 17 years old! I started out just doing fruit peels, such as Vitamin C, Papaya, and Passion Fruit peels! These are great for those that want to maintain fresh skin! I absolutely love them! So the next time you feel like your skin needs a pick-me-up, make an appointment for a peel!

Why I like Image peels: “A chemical peel product line featuring all natural ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, Papaya, Green Tea and Vitamin C, Image Skincare face peels effectively treat wrinkles, blemishes and uneven skin pigmentation. Our wide variety of chemical peels can take you from organic peeling to medical grade TCA peeling. No other chemical peel product line provides this many options.” -Image

Please note that these chemical peels are intended for use by skin care professionals.

The Facts…

How many times should I get a peel? I suggest doing peels once a month, to once every other month. You will see the most results with your skin if you do this. The only thing that you have to avoid after you get a peel is sunlight for a few days. Your skin becomes very sensitive to light after getting a peel, so plan to do your peels when you know you will be in for the weekend.

  • How do I know what type of peel to get? 
  • Acne Skin- ask for a peel with Salicylic or Benzoyl Peroxide. These two chemicals eat away at acneic bacteria and will deeply cleanse any infections.
  • Pigmentation/Dark Spots/Uneven skin- ask for a peel with Kojic or Vitamin C acids. These lighten and brighten the skin. You will need at least 3-5 to see results.
  • Anti-Aging/Prevention/Pores- ask for a peel with Retinol, Glycolic, or Lactic acids. These are all anti-aging agents that will tighten your skin!

Will it burn? If you are afraid of peels because you think they will “burn”, it all depends on the percentage of peel that you get. Start out with a low percentage like 10-15% and then when you get the tolerance just go up from there! Be sure to go to a licensed professional so ensure that you will be well taken care of. You can get chemical peels from medical estheticians, dermatologists, and medical spas!

blogI am currently using the Wrinkle Lift I Peel from Image! This one is great for the wrinkle prevention and just keeping your skin clear 24/7. If you are interested in Peels in the CA or UT area, please email me to book an appointment!

Have a great Friday!