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Today I have a fun skincare/spa review for you all! I was fortunate enough to be pampered beyond belief by one of the most prestigious health spas in California, Glen Ivy Hot Springs. This was one of the best spa experiences I have ever had. I am all about skincare, especially when it comes to getting my monthly facials. I always say that beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. At Glen Ivy, you get the full experience of relaxing by the pool, take a purifying mud bath, relax with an aromatic facial & more! I would highly recommend going to Glen Ivy monthly, not only did I fall in love with the services but I left feeling rejuvenated and 100% refreshed! See my reviews & suggestions below! The SKIN QUESTIONNAIRE from IG will be posted tomorrow !



The day started off with a mini tour of the gorgeous grounds and our day was packed with many activities and relaxing treatments!
Equipped withe the following services:

  • Club Mud ~ One of the most fun treatments I have experineced. This skin therapy pulls out any impurities and detoxes and softens the skin. As I covered my body head-to-toe with this red clay mud, I felt it felt purifying and relaxing! You are suggested to “Bake” in the drying chamber to help the mud crack on the skin. I loved this exfoliating full body treatment and can’t wait to get back and enjoy it again!


  • The Grotto ~ My favorite experience of the day, the Grotto is a lovely underground treatment where a soothing masque that was specially made with Eucalyptis, lavender oil and coconut oil. It is then applied over the entire body from the neck down with a dry brush. Bake in the grotto room to allow the moisture to soak into the skin while enjoying orange infused water or tea. Loved this serene experience!


  • Mineral Baths ~ If you have aches and pains, like I do from standing for most of my jobs, you will love these mineral baths. You have to get used to the sulfur smell, but these all natural waters are so healing and hydrating to the skin and more. Not only is Glen Ivy beneficial for relaxing but for your health as well.




The facial…

Glen Ivy’s spa not only is one of the most nicely kept luxury spas, but it has some of the most qualified Estheticians out there. My Esthetician had been working at Glen Ivy for over ten years so I felt like I could really trust her and the knowledge she knew about the lovely products they used there. We started with a Rose cleanser to help awaken the skin before any exfoliation. I really loved all of the products they used on my skin, all very clean and organic. Steam was applied to my skin throughout the treatment to help open the pores and detoxify my skin. Primavera is the main line that Glen Ivy uses in there treatments. The Revitalizing Rose Pomegranate face scrub was one of my favorite out of the group, infused with Jojoba oils Lactic Acid, Apricot oil and more, my skin was left feeling deeply cleansed.
I received a tightening treatment called the NuFace Trinity face lift. This award winning skincare device helps to improve the appearance of your skin and tighten the epidermis. If you suffer from firm-loss, wrinkles, elasticity loss, this is perfect for you. I loved this treatment for prevention, I am in my 20’s and highly believe in any preventive treatments to help with anti-aging. This micocurrent treatment helps facial stimulation by pulsing currents deep into the skin. I love how it left my skin feeling evenly toned and tight!

All of Glen Ivy’s spa treatments I would highly suggest, especially any of the facials. The skincare products exceed my expectations and left me feeling super refreshed. Not to mention my skin has been in its best state since this facial!

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