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When it comes to caring for my hair I love natural products. I have tried so many different hair treatments, and I feel that the natural ones are just as good as salon treatments at times. Recently I was sent this Macadamia Natural Oil Conditioner. I have had it sitting in my bathroom for the past couple months and last week I finally got around to testing it out. This conditioner is unreal to say the least! It is very different from any product I have used. It is a mousse that turns into a creamy conditioner and makes your hair feel like absolute SILK! I wish I would have tried it earlier but I am so excited to share it with you now! I have been using it now for almost two weeks and will do an updated post on how my hair feels and looks Friday! Keep reading for more details on this amazing Macadamia oil!IMG_4629 

Macadamia Natural Oil “Flawless” Conditioner

This foam mousse to liquid butter product is an instant hair treatment at home that will transform dry, brittle ends to silky smooth locks…

How much product is needed: I do two full pumps to run through my entire hair, from scalp to ends.

How long do I leave on hair? I apply to my hair when I am washing my body & shaving so it stays on for about 10 minutes. If you want to do a deep treatment I would wash your hair with shampoo, get out of shower, apply the product and wrap up in a shower cap and leave in for about 30 minutes!

Does it make your hair flat? Unlike most treatment conditioners, this one does not leave your hair feeling flat and heavy. It made my hair very bouncy and smooth with a good amount of volume still.

How do you like to apply? I recently have been using it both in the shower as conditioner and out of the shower for a treatment on my ends! I have noticed that it has really helped my split ends and put a lot of moisture back into my hair before I curl it!




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