Hello Beauties!

So happy to be here in NYC for work the next couple days and IMATS! I hope to see some of you on Friday if you are there, please come up to me! The last two weeks have been so crazy with work, from filming YouTube tutorials for Too Faced Cosmetics, and then teaching a live class for Lilly Ghalichis website GhalichiGlam.com! Its been a whirlwind of fun in California. The Too Faced videos should be up middle of next week, I can’t wait to share them with you! I wanted to share with you today a little photo diary of whats been going on! So sorry about not posting as frequently recently, I promise many more tutorials coming soon, thanks so much for all your support and love!

photo 1-17 photo 1-18 photo 2-17

Lilly Ghalichi Glam~ I taught a live FULL GLAMOUR look for her site Ghalichiglam.com 🙂

photo 1-16photo 5photo 4-6

photo 3-10photo 4-7photo 4

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  1. Kara Olesiak says:

    Awee you look so pertty Jade! Glad I snagged you and your makeup skills before I had to book you like a year in advance haha! Muahh congrats on your success girl! Im still going to take you up on that chem peel one of these days!

  2. Hi Jade!

    Love your Blog 😉 I had a question regarding using creme contouring, would you suggest to use only powder for contour and highlighting over airbrush? I wasn’t sure if using cremes would disrupt the airbrush…


  3. puneet bhullar says:

    Hi Jade! Why doesn’t truffle glitter look green-blue in the pan? I’m hesitant to buy it, did you put a base or something under that I didn’t catch?

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