Let Them Bake! Setting Powders & More…

The “Baking” technique has blown up across the world in the makeup industry! If you are unfamiliar with what “Baking” means, I will explain it now. This method means to let it sit on the face anywhere from 10-20 minutes so your own body heat melts the makeup into the skin. Makeup oxidizes, especially liquids, and it will change color/texture. Allowing these products to cook/bake will leave the product more pigmented and fully covered, creating an easier blend. This creates a more “Flawless” effect to the skins finish. See more below!

To get this look, you will need:

·      A creamy concealer: Eve Pearl Salmon conceal is great!
1. Apply the concealer under eyes with your finger, concealer brush, or blender sponge.

·      beautyblender and Fan Brush to blend and dust after application
2. Blend out the concealer with your Beauty Blender and immediately apply powder after for cooking process.

·      A finely milled powder like NYX Color Correcting Banana Powder {This is the best powder out there} I have used SO many finely milled powders {example: Ben Nye Banana / Laura Mercier Translucent} This one is very very pigmented and will give you the best end results!
3. Apply a good amount of the setting powder to the concealer, let bake for 10-20min, once done baking- dust off excess powder with fan brush! PERFECTION!




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  1. who has 10-20 min to wait?

  2. Love the polish shade. What is it?

  3. What foundation and what are you using on you brows here?? Look perfect as usual!

  4. What brush do you use to apply the nyx powder? Thanks.

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