Morning Skincare Update!

Hello beauties!
I have been getting a lot of emails about my morning skincare routine that I said I would be sharing and I am finally getting around to it now! I really don’t like to complicate my morning regimen too much since I already use so many products at night and do treatments monthly. You do not need to use as many products in the morning as well because the most important time to care for your skin is at night, this is when you want to layer and really pay close attention to the care of your skin. Also, the products you use in the morning should be pretty mild, leave all of the strong stuff till later because it will have more time to penetrate into your epidermis, allowing you to see better results. 
Learn how I keep my face squeaky clean below! 

1. I first wake up and cleanse my face with the No. 7 Boots Quick Thinking Wipes. These are great moisturizing and hydrating cleanser wipes that get the sleepiness of the skin and any excess night product. I do not like to wash my face in the skin because I have a lot of natural oiliness already to it when I wake and my cleansers are pretty drying. You can pick these wipes up at your local Target or online HERE. 
2. I spray my face with the Yonka Lotion Toner. Okay, talk about one of the most relaxing and amazingly scented toners. No alcohol at all included in this product and it is more of my “Good Morning” spray that wakes me up with a refreshing mist. Buy HERE. 
3. Some days I will be dryer than others, on these mornings I like to take a pea size of the Lush Ultra balm and apply to the dry patches. I have been using this amazing compact oil for a while now and it is one of the most universal products I have ever found to work very well. I like to use it on all places of the body for dryness, and have found that it works out great underneath the eyes and many other places. Buy HERE. 
4. I am a big fan of Clarins Instant Smooth Primer, I have yet to find any primer yet that tops it, and I have used many. The consistency of this primer is like a creamy butter, it goes on real smooth and literally diminishes the appearance of fine lines, blemishes, and large pores. If you suffer from these concerns, I HIGHLY recommend this product. You will see a huge difference dramatically after applied to the skin. Buy HERE. 
5. Lucrece Tinted SPF 50 has been my favorite sunscreen for around five years now. I love to use it as a quick cover up for the gym or running errands as well. The great thing about it is that it is a “one shade fits all” product and blends perfectly to your skin tone. I like to apply a small amount to the skin lastly as a good protection from the suns harsh rays. I do not leave the house without my SPF on, I started this at a young age and have never had a problem with pigmentation because of it. Buy HERE. 
6. Thomas Roth Unwrinkled Lip Cream is a beautiful lip balm that always leaves my lips feeling supple and soft before my lipstick application. It also helps with major dry lips and small wrinkles. Buy HERE.

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  1. I am trying to find your nighttime routine but I don’t see it. Love to know what you do

  2. Jade, is there anything you swear by for skin care prevention/treatment for the under eyes? I am currently using skinceuticals products for this area. The Clarins Primer sounds slike a gem. I may have to purchase this!!

    Thanks for your recommendations!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Love your posts and makeup looks! I thought maybe you could do a post of a summary of your all time favorite product of every category? Like your number one:
    under eye concealer


    eye liner

    nude lipstick/pencil/gloss
    colorfull lipstick/pencil/gloss

    Would love to read it!

  4. I agree that simplicity in the key in the morning. The Clarins primer sound fantastic, I will have to give it a try:) I just love how informative all your posts are and I look forward to reading them daily:)

  5. Jocelyne O. says:

    I have a doubt about the primer, Does benefit’s porefessional pore corrector have similar effects than clarins primer? Have you tried?
    Love all your posts xo

    • I have always loved the Clarins primer the most, go grab a sample at nordstroms and try. I promise you will not doubt after! I am not a fan of professional at the moment, I shall give it another try soon though!

  6. Hi
    I’m new to primers. Is the Clarins one still intended for use under foundation??

  7. How long does it take for your morning skin routine? Night time? Are you ever too tired to just bag it and go to sleep?! You seem so busy. I’d love to hear about a typical day of yours.

    • Hi Krystin!
      I am a normal human and get too tired all the time haha, but I have anxiety when I do not do my routine because I am very strict about my skin. I spend at least 3 minutes in the morning on my “before makeup” skin prep. At night I spend more time, usually around 8-10 minutes for all my products. This may be a little extreme but it has always worked wonders for me 🙂 xox

  8. VillageVixen says:

    I know your a make-up artist and not an esthetician, but any thoughts on Clarisonic Brushes? I live in the Arctic (literally, an eskimo village north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska) and am looking for something that can help my skin year round in this harsh environment. I have read that it helps your skin absorb creams better.

  9. I just love how beautiful your blog is!��. I’m currently in school to become an estitician and it’s an inspiration!

  10. Yes hello I’m new to make up help me,first I have oil skin .I need help from start to finish product,that are cheap but good .really for oil skin help…..

  11. Yes i agree with this morning key i love it
    skin care

  12. Thanks

  13. From several days i was looking to get in such products update for skin care and finally found here. I’m quite happy to read about in such post and its my believe that these all products will be handy for keeping up my skin attractive and well. Keep up the good work 🙂

  14. It looks really helpful. You have nicely included all updated Skin Care products.

  15. This seems to be the great skin care tips thanks for sharing. Right now i am using one of the best skin care product to maintain my skin smooth and glowing.

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