Non-Surgical Nose Job & Face Sculpting Tricks

Hello Hunnies!

Today I have a fun tutorial on how I like to contour my features! Makeup can really do wonders, I treat it as an art when it comes to contouring. You can accentuate and hide your facial features by just using a few products! My most commonly asked question is how I contour my nose. I have never had any surgery done to my face, its all contour! So if you want to learn how to non-surgically sculpt your face keep reading!! XOX


  1. Have your foundation already on your face before you start contouring with your creams.
  2. Draw  out your lines of where you want to define the face using a small concealer brush and the dark contour cream. I like the Dermablend Concealer Brush and I used Illamasque “Hollow” Cream Color Pigment.
  3. Draw small “Dash” lines along the forehead/hairline | Draw two line from your ear down to the middle of your cheekbone | For the nose draw two lines on each sides of the nose and a small line above the tip of the nose |
  4. Next step is blending- with a damp Beauty Blender “press and roll” your blender over the contour creams to blend it into the face.
  5. Once you are totally blended now you need to highlight. I used a really light concealer under the eyes, down the nose and on the tip of the nose- Estee Lauder in “Light” was used here but feel free to use any really light concealer!
  6. Blend this out with your clean Beauty Blender again and just tap this into the skin- we are highlighting and concealer at same time.
  7. Set all of this with your favorite powder {Ben Nye Banana} and your complete! Super easy and better than going under the knife. I will do a video on this soon because it will be much easier to show you all, until then please email me with any questions:

Here is the final outcome of what it will look like once you put your setting powder on:









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