Party Eyes: Cut Crease

If you’re looking for a newer, hotter, bolder shadow, and you’re tired of the usual smokey eye, then the “cut crease” is what you want to try. You may have seen this look before but not sure what it was called. The “cut crease” is when you line the entire crease of your eye with a dark shadow to dramatize your eye makeup. This is the look I decided to do for this beautiful girl, Brinley, for her homecoming dance. Get these fun party eyes below!
1. Apply the Urban Decay Primer-Sin to the entire lid. This primer has a slight shimmer to it so it will add  a bit of shine to the gold when applied. 
2. Apply MAC ‘Blanc Type‘ under the brow bone, inner tear ducts, and under the lower lid to highlight these areas.
3. With a flat shadow brush, pack on this shimmer gold shadow {e.l.f. Golden Goddess Pigment} to the entire lid, do not go up on the brow bone though. To make the color really pop and shine, spray your brush with water before applying the gold to the lid. 
4. With a small tapered pencil brush, apply a shimmer gray { Urban Decay ‘Snare‘} to the crease with a wind shield wiper motion into the crease. Follow your crease from the outer crease corner all the way to the inner crease.  This is a softly blended cut-crease effect, what this means is we are carving out the crease with a darker color so it looks very defined. With a blending brush {Sigma}, blend out the shadow on each ends towards the temples. 
5. Apply a gel liner {Inglot 77} with a thin eyeliner brush {Sigma} to the top lid. Start from the inner corner and winging it outwards, really extend the end of the wing outside of the eye. 
6. I applied some thick lashes to the top lid to really enhance her eye shape. If you already have long lashes, you can just apply mascara. House Of Lashes -Temptress
* No eyeliner was used on the bottom so that the top was really accentuated, this also helps open the eyes.

 Foundation: Airbrush Kett 

Concealer: Graftobian HD Super Palette Warm Apply a concealer two shades lighter than your skin color under the eyes and down the center of the nose with your finger or a concealer brush.
 Blend in with a damp beauty blender

***Contour: Kryolan TV paint stick-3W For the contour, I love these creamy paint sticks, they are so great because you just draw it onto the areas you want to chisel. Draw lines on the face with this stick by turning the stick to the side as if it were a pen. Apply under the cheekbones, sides of nose, forehead, and under jaw. Blend the lines into the skin with the same damp beauty blender in pressing motions. For her nose, I drew two close lines close in to each other to shape her nose more for photos.

Highlight: MAC cream color highlighter I usually don’t use cream highlighter because they can be a bit dramatic for an everyday look, but for a special event like a dance, I love the way it looks. Apply with your ring finger and tap down the center of the nose, upper lip, inner tear ducts, and with two fingers tap onto the cheekbones.
Setting: MAC Mineralize medium deep Tap onto the skin lightly to set the skin.

Bronzer: **Smashbox bronze lights- sun kissed matte {new favorite} Apply this silky bronzer the desired areas: Cheekbones {darken contour}, forehead, sides of nose. This bronzer is ah-mazing, I just recently got it and I love how smooth the texture of it is.
Lips: Revlon- Champagne On Ice


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  1. Super pretty look! I’ve been loving cut crease lately!

  2. I’ve been looking for good swatches of the tv paint sticks everywhere! Could you possibly do some swatches or suggest a good color? 🙂

  3. love this look (“,)

  4. I love this idea! I’m definitely going to have to experiment 🙂

  5. I love this look as well but I have blue eyes and a rather pale skin. What colour would you recommend?

  6. Looks great jade can’t wait to try out over the festive period. Xxx

  7. Simply gorgeous!

  8. Do you use Ketts Hydro Proof??

  9. So beautiful. I am going to try this on myself for my son’s birthday. It would be really great if you also do some videos 🙂

  10. I was wondering what is the difference in using a regular primer and a colored on like this one. Should a colored one be used only with matching eyeshadow colors??

    • A colored primer will give the color you are applying over it a deeper hue, if it is a shimmer primer it will give you a more shimmering effect. You don’t have to match the eyeshadow to the colored primer, for example, if it is gray- you can put a plum shadow over it for a deeper purple look!

  11. Could you do some looks for Asian eyes (hooded eyes) cz I feel most looks are not for the Asian eyes :'(

  12. Beautiful! You’ve gained a new subscriber from Canada!

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