Product Spotlight: Milani Baked Bronzers

If you haven’t tried Milani’s collection of baked bronzers, you are missing out.
For me, baked bronzers always seem to work best as they have a fair bit of shimmer to them and aren’t as matte and muddy as a press formula. Milani carries these beautiful bronzing powders that feature a mélange infusion of colors that were baked on Italian terracota tiles. Easy to use, and smooth in texture,  these bronzers become extraordinarily luminous and give a light glow when applied. These hi-tech, streak free and marbalized bronzers give a perfect radiant look for all skin types and you can even use them wet for more intensity if you wish! 
Add these to your collection today! 


Glow is a very light bronzer that gives the perfect amount of sun kissed shine. I love to contour with this powder because it is not too shimmery and is really easy to blend! I love to use Glow for an all over face and neck bronzer as well. Whenever I get a spray tan I always leave my face a bit lighter than my body, so this is a great neutral shade that can be worn everywhere! Buy HERE

Soleil is a very deep brown bronzer with a swirl of golden shimmer, great for those with more “cool” skin tone. You want to stay away from any mahogany/orange toned bronzer when you are so light and fair. This bronzer is highly pigmented so a little goes a long way. Use a very light hand when applying. This is a great cheekbone bronzer. Buy HERE
Golden explains it all in the name, it really is a “gold” bronzer. It has hints of copper and mahogany swirl. This is my favorite out of all three. It is a dark bronzer and is great for those with a very “warm” tone to their skin. Great on deep dark skin tones also. It has a good shimmer effect so no need for a lot of highlighter! Buy HERE
You may want to track down a blush brush to apply these (or other) bronzers if you don’t have one yet. There are lots of different bronzer brush options, like kabukis, powder brushes, angled brushes and more. The angles of a blush brush allow you to more precisely define the hollows and curves of the face. Try Benefit Slant Brush for a perfected application!
There are a lot of ways to mess up makeup these days. Like the wrong colored foundation or overly pink cheeks, but the worst of all has to be the misuse of bronzer.
 Don’t make the same mistakes as Lindsey…

Happy Weekend! 
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  1. hi! what is your lip color in the first picture with the glow bronzer, its so pretty!

  2. Thanks for the reviews! Just picked up golden. What lip color are you wearing in #2?

  3. Love these looks! Thanks for the review! What lip color are you wearing in #3?

  4. Ha ha! Lilo at her arraignment with Bad Bronzer is the perfect “What Not to Do!” 🙂 Most helpful post. Thanks!

  5. I LOVE your blog.. Its amazing! Can I ask you what camera you use? Thanks so much 🙂 x

  6. Thanks for sharing the proper ways to wear different bronzers (and for the example of how not to wear it). Applying and blending bronzer is definitely something you want to get right, or else it could be embarrassing.

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