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One of the most requested looks that I get from clients daily for their makeup is a “glowing complexion”. A dewy face paired with natural eyes is a perfect look for any bride, the reason being, a highlighted face looks as if it has perfect lighting on it no matter what angle. Makeup trend setters, JLo and Kim Kardashian are known for their sun kissed faces, but how do they get that youthful shine every day. Light colors draw areas forward, while dark colors push them back, employing these techniques together let you manipulate light and shadow on your face to create a slimming illusion. Below you will learn simple tips to my routine to achieve that desired every day glow!
How do I get this glowing skin without making my face super sparkly?
Its all about where you apply it. You dont want to just put you highlighter all over your face, there are certain areas where it goes to make those features pop and stand out. If applied all over face it will look to shiny and almost appear like you are sweating. {See below where to apply}
Stay away from highlighting pimples, puffy skin, dark circles or anywhere you have fine lines. doing this will draw attention to those areas because highlight catches light and accentuates the areas where applied. So stick to the main areas.
Highlighting for all Shades
Light Skin Tones: Lighter skin tones (particularly porcelain & fair skin) are best flattered with pink, cream, off white shades but anything with a golden base will just result in an orange looking finish.

Medium Skin Tones: Medium skin tones are best suited with shades which are a little in between such as soft 
golden colours and rose gold colours but you’ll want to avoid anything dark or light or you’ll risk looking too pink or too orange.

Dark Skin Tones: Darker skin tones are best suited with golds and bronze shades but anything to pink or too light will look very unflattering on the skin.

Very Dark Skin Tones: Skin tones which are very dark (almost/does look black) is better off sticking to warmer and darker shades such as burgundy’s, dark chocolates, coppers and any dark bronzey shades.

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Spray your Dior Flash (4) onto your stippling brush (1).
Lightly buff the Dior air foundation into the skin with your brush until completely blended evenly.
I know the Dior flash is used as a spray on foundation, which you can do as well, but for this look I like to buff it in the skin a little bit so it has a thinner application and can be more controlled.
Apply your NARS highlighter with the same stippling brush buffed along the cheek bones, on the forehead, and sides of nose. My favorite colors from NARS are Copacabana and Laguna. Blend these two colors together to get the ultimate bronzed glow.
These Illuminators can be worn over, under or mixed with foundation.
Apply your loose setting powder (2) lightly dusted all over the face.
 Use this sparingly to achieve that dewy look. I only apply it on my chin, jawline and forehead and leave the cheeks & nose powder free.
With a small shadow brush dust MAC’s Nylon (7) down the bridge of the nose and on the cupids-bow. This is my favorite product for highlighting. Yes is it an eyeshadow but I love the color and it gives a pearlescent shine to the skin.
Use the same eyeshadow (7) to highlight the brow bone and the inner tear ducts.
Apply MAC’s Cork (8) to the corners of the eyes very lightly because you want this color to barely show.
Glue on your natural lashes (6) and set them with Clear mascara.
Apply your lashes very close to your natural lash line. Since no eyeliner is used in this look, the closer you get to your lashes the more natural they will look. 
*Why use clear mascara instead of black? 
This gives a very natural look with the lashes instead of making them really dramatic, as well as blending them with the natural lash without adding an extra coat of color. 
Complete your look with Dior’s “Pink Sponge” lipstick
This long-lasting, and nourishing lip sheen is a perfect hue for any event, day or night. I wore this pinky-peach color on my wedding day and absolutely loved it. 
Dress: Zara / Earrings: Nadri
What do you use for a highlighter? 
From one product junkie to another, tell me your faves!
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  1. you are so beautiful Jade! love this look 🙂

  2. Highlighting is probably my fave step! I think I already put this on another one of your posts but my faves are MAC Soft & Gentle, Too Faced Candlelight, MAC Strobe Liquid and the MAC Prep Prime highlighter in radiant rose. It’s a pale pink highlighter with no shimmer that’s great for under eye area to brighten up the face!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello Jade, I stumbled upon your blog by Pinterest and I’m totally in love! Thank you for sharing your skills and tips with us 🙂 You’re such a beautiful person inside and out! xxx

  4. Has anyone told you how much you look like Nina Dobrev? It’s uncanny!

  5. Anonymous says:

    What color Doir Airflash foundation did you use? I’m looking online at Sephora and can’t figure out which color to get for myself! Do you recommend any other foundations instead? What foundation do you use daily?

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