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Hello Beauties!

I am finally back on the blog game after months of being away! So excited for 2016 and everything I have in store for all of you lovely followers! Im sorry I was away for the last 6 months, but I have been working on SO many projects, including my brush line that is now available to shop up above! I will also be starting YouTube and consistently providing beauty reviews for all of you on here! I am constantly being sent the newest up and coming skin, makeup, hair products on the market and can’t wait to share with you my favorites along the way. I will also be starting my Kissable ConTOUR this year and will be traveling to provide makeup seminars worldwide! Thank you for all of your patience and I can’t wait for you all to see whats to come this year on Kissable Complexions!


~ Jadey Wadey ~

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NYX NEW Highlight & Contour Palettes




Hello Makeup Queens!
Today I am sharing with you my review for the new NYX Highlight & Contour Palette. I finished my review for the new NYX Conceal & Contour creams that were using in this look also, HERE. I am very impressed with this refillable powder palette from NYX. They have definitely stepped up there game when it comes to face products. If you are on the market for a palette that contours as well as highlights & brightens, this one is great for you! I would compare it to the Kat Von D contouring palette that recently came out. The colors are highly pigmented and the price is super affordable {$25}! I would suggest this for makeup lovers of any level, beginners and professionals! You can purchase these now at Ulta stores or online!
I will be giving away one set on my Instagram, CLICK HERE!


Learn how I CREAM CONTOUR with NYX Cosmetics  HERE

photo 2-3

Colors used for this look: 
+ Pearly Pale White: highlight cheekbones, nose, cupids bow
+ Yellow: Applied under eyes, along jaw, chin, forehead
+ Matte Neutral Brown: Applied to cheekbones and forehead
+ Matte Taupe: For contouring the nose



I love the texture of these velvet/matte finish powders! They are great for those with all skin types and truly look amazing on the skin! I have been using them everyday for the past two weeks on clients and I am so happy with the results in photographs as well. You can wear these powders with a Primer under, BB cream, Foundation, or by themselves! I have been using my Morphe brushes to apply them, when it comes to the face, quality brushes are very important! Below I have listed the exact colors that I use from the palette and where they are to be applied! To see how I applied the Cream Contour, click HERE.

Pearly Pale White: This color is perfect for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes, cupids bow, and nose.

Matte Nude: This is a great cheekbone highlighter that has 0 shimmer to it. Great for brightening cheeks, middle of brows and under cheekbones to enhance structure.

Matte Soft Yellow: My FAVORITE color from the palette. This yellow is absolutely amazing for under the eyes to brighten! {comparable to Ben Nye Banana Powder}.

Pearly Soft Peach: A great color for all over face to set any foundation, also great for a color corrector for darkness/circles by eyes.

Matte Soft Brown/Red: Perfect for contouring the forehead, red undertones and good for those with more olive toned skin!

Matte Neutral Brown: This is great for bronzing the entire face. A true chocolate brown.

Matte Taupe: The best color for contouring the nose. This taupe/brown is very neutral and still on the lighter side so its great for sculpting the nose!

Matte Deep Brown: Great contour for the cheekbones. Cheekbones require a darker color for contouring so that they pop a bit more than the nose and forehead.

282_2_To get this full look, you must apply foundation, cream, and powder!

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Contour For Less: NYX Cosmetics

Happy Monday!

While I was in LA I attended the NYX Unveiled party and walked away with the most amazing swag bag filled with all of NYX’s Spring 2015 products! While rummaging through all my new goodies, I was intrigued by all the awesome contouring powders and concealers they are coming out with! Today I am showing you a sneak of the NEW cream contour kits from NYX that I have been using non stop since! Cream contouring has been around forever, but just recently been a huge craze in the makeup world. I have my collection of favorite CC products, and this one has definitely been added. Contouring can be very tricky and confusing for many, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right products and tools, it can be much less complex than its made out to be!

photo 5-2

NYX Conceal Correct Contour Palette
Comparable to the MAC Concealer/Contour 

Filled with 6 shades of concealer, these small creams pack a punch! Perfect for concealing, covering acne and most of all, contouring!
-Available in 3 different skin tones at ULTA stores now – BUY HERE 

– Long lasting cream on the face before powder contour!
– Super affordable palette
– Ideal for all skin types: dry, oily, acne, mature…
-Easily blended/blendable into the skin

Buy the LIGHT 


Buy the MEDIUM

284_4_Buy the DEEP


What I used: “Light”

1. Apply “Salmon” under the eyes to correct any dark circles
2. Apply “Yellow under eyes and sides of nose, center, above center brows and under cheekbones to highlight
3. Apply “Taupe” to contour sides of nose, forehead, cheekbones and jaw.
4. BLEND all with a concealer brush- I like Real Techniques brush to blend facial contour towards hairline and nose .

Blend all together with a Beauty Blender and move on to your next step… POWDER {Click Here to learn}

photo 3-2

Non-Surgical Nose Job & Face Sculpting Tricks

Hello Hunnies!

Today I have a fun tutorial on how I like to contour my features! Makeup can really do wonders, I treat it as an art when it comes to contouring. You can accentuate and hide your facial features by just using a few products! My most commonly asked question is how I contour my nose. I have never had any surgery done to my face, its all contour! So if you want to learn how to non-surgically sculpt your face keep reading!! XOX


  1. Have your foundation already on your face before you start contouring with your creams.
  2. Draw  out your lines of where you want to define the face using a small concealer brush and the dark contour cream. I like the Dermablend Concealer Brush and I used Illamasque “Hollow” Cream Color Pigment.
  3. Draw small “Dash” lines along the forehead/hairline | Draw two line from your ear down to the middle of your cheekbone | For the nose draw two lines on each sides of the nose and a small line above the tip of the nose |
  4. Next step is blending- with a damp Beauty Blender “press and roll” your blender over the contour creams to blend it into the face.
  5. Once you are totally blended now you need to highlight. I used a really light concealer under the eyes, down the nose and on the tip of the nose- Estee Lauder in “Light” was used here but feel free to use any really light concealer!
  6. Blend this out with your clean Beauty Blender again and just tap this into the skin- we are highlighting and concealer at same time.
  7. Set all of this with your favorite powder {Ben Nye Banana} and your complete! Super easy and better than going under the knife. I will do a video on this soon because it will be much easier to show you all, until then please email me with any questions:

Here is the final outcome of what it will look like once you put your setting powder on: