Contour For Less: NYX Cosmetics

Happy Monday!

While I was in LA I attended the NYX Unveiled party and walked away with the most amazing swag bag filled with all of NYX’s Spring 2015 products! While rummaging through all my new goodies, I was intrigued by all the awesome contouring powders and concealers they are coming out with! Today I am showing you a sneak of the NEW cream contour kits from NYX that I have been using non stop since! Cream contouring has been around forever, but just recently been a huge craze in the makeup world. I have my collection of favorite CC products, and this one has definitely been added. Contouring can be very tricky and confusing for many, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right products and tools, it can be much less complex than its made out to be!

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NYX Conceal Correct Contour Palette
Comparable to the MAC Concealer/Contour 

Filled with 6 shades of concealer, these small creams pack a punch! Perfect for concealing, covering acne and most of all, contouring!
-Available in 3 different skin tones at ULTA stores now – BUY HERE 

– Long lasting cream on the face before powder contour!
– Super affordable palette
– Ideal for all skin types: dry, oily, acne, mature…
-Easily blended/blendable into the skin

Buy the LIGHT 


Buy the MEDIUM

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What I used: “Light”

1. Apply “Salmon” under the eyes to correct any dark circles
2. Apply “Yellow under eyes and sides of nose, center, above center brows and under cheekbones to highlight
3. Apply “Taupe” to contour sides of nose, forehead, cheekbones and jaw.
4. BLEND all with a concealer brush- I like Real Techniques brush to blend facial contour towards hairline and nose .

Blend all together with a Beauty Blender and move on to your next step… POWDER {Click Here to learn}

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